You Can Now Extend AppleCare+ for Macs or Get It for an Apple TV

I have found that a good case (like an Otterbox Defender) makes AppleCare less necessary. One phone I bought, maybe the 7 Plus, fell out of my shirt pocket the first day of vacation, hit the pavement, and shattered. It was brand new at the time, so I was pretty mad, but Apple fixed it.

I always get and Otterbox case for our iPhones. Saved me many a time. My wife’s iPhone looks like it has been through too many cement mixers and yet it still looks fine when the case is removed. I also use Otterbox screen protectors.

@nrkmann I agree on the extended warranties on appliances, etc, but when it comes to my computers I prefer to be safe. However, I am very tempted with some of the offers I’m getting by phone for warranties for our car we traded away 8 years ago!!!

Planet Money had a nice piece on those scams. :slight_smile:

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That was a great episode indeed. :+1: :slight_smile:

@ace That is a great article! We just got a postcard telling us we needed to renew the “vehicle protection update” on our 2012 car that was destroyed in an hailstorm 3 years ago lol. That was after several unanswered phone messages.

Re: the Atkinson brothers fiasco mentioned in the article. My dad was an FBI agent and arrested a top 10 fugitive who had a long history of bank robberies. The guy was a genius - literally. Dad asked him, “you have the intelligence to do anything you want to do. Why did you decide to become a bank robber?” His reply: “because it was easy and I could get quick money.” Yea, and serve long time lol. Someone is always looking for the easy, no matter who it hurts. Thanks for the article - sounds like the bank robber lives on and on and on ;-(