Xbox and PlayStation Game Controllers with Apple Arcade: The FAQ

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iOS 13, iPadOS 13, macOS 10.15 Catalina, and tvOS 13 all support game controllers from Microsoft and Sony. Here’s how to connect them to your devices to make the most of Apple Arcade.

One very exciting use of an Xbox controller that didn’t come up in the article is the SteamLink app for AppleTV. You can use it to play basically any PC game you have in Steam on a big screen. It works really well (though a wired network connection) and the addition of Xbox/PS4 controller support has essentially turned it into an excellent best-of-both-worlds console. A PS4 controller works equally well, but as you allude to in the article, the Xbox controller is the presumed default for most PC games and therefore button-prompts and layouts will match better with an Xbox controller.

Great idea! I had forgotten Apple finally let the app through. I bought one of the Steam Link boxes on sale for like $3, but wasn’t too impressed with it.

Not sure why you didn’t mention the SteelSeries Nimbus in the article, as this has been the go-to controller for Apple TV for some time.

Irritatingly, I bought one (on sale at Walmart for $25) right after tvOS 13 came out, and before this article came out, so I didn’t know that I could have just paired one of my four Xbox controllers instead…

From the article:

Also, these controllers are superior to what has previously been available for the Apple ecosystem, even the lauded Steelseries Nimbus.

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