What do "you" do with older applications?

I am cleaning out some spaces and drawers and found the installer cases of various software like FontAgentPro, Drive Genius 2, FileSalvage, Data Rescue2, along with older Windows (95, 2000,…). Even found some Appletalk (Asante) still in packing, along with dozens of old Apple/Macintosh adapters. Seems waste to toss out. Not sure whom to donate to. I mean, these have license numbers and OEM media, but those numbers aren’t used with current versions Drive Genius 5.x, etc. Subrosasoft closed up so…
What do you do with your old and unusable software? Recycle, upcycle, sell, donate, destroy?

DVDs make good coasters for coffee cups and other drinks. It’s like bits of Remembrance Of Digital Things Past scattered around your home. When you have visitors it’s often a good conversation starter.

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There are Vintage Mac groups on Facebook that could be interested. If there are vintage groups in other places I’d love to know too!


I donate things I no longer need or use to resale stores like Savers (which is in Ohio and other places and goes to Easter Seals) or Goodwill, Salvation Army etc. There are people looking for vintage software and hardware. I look for things at these stores if I have something I want to repair or keep running with old parts no longer available. I don’t throw things out unless they’re absolutely worthless and/or can’t be recycled.

The Museum Of Printing in Haverhill, Mass. has an outstanding collection of historic design and art related CDs and DVDs. They might be interested:

I’ve given some software away and put other things up for sale on eBay, usually for a nominal price rather than tossing them. Some people collect old manuals. I just sold a set of MacDraw Pro manuals and disks for a few dollars plus shipping.