Giving Away BMUG & Apple Paraphernalia

The Berkeley Mac User Group was a prolific publisher of magazines and CDs/DVDs containing news, reviews and software.
I need to make some room and three Banker’s boxes of BMUG and Apple/Mac paraphernalia need to go. Books, magazines, discs, games, etc.
Not easily (or cheaply) shipped!
I can post a list or send you an email.
David Lipsky
Berkeley, CA

Sounds a great haul you have here. I think the main historically significant things you have are most likely the editions of the “BMUG Newsletter” and associated magazines/printed matter.

AFAICT, there are only a few editions on, and some of the CD’s:"BMUG+newsletter""Berkeley+Macintosh+User's+Group""BMUG"

And a Google found this guy from Sep 2020 scanning donated copies:

Failing that they sell on Ebay:

I’m in the UK so not really a likely option, but it’d be a shame to trash them.

At one time, BMUG appeared to be the premier user group in the country…weren’t their magazines like an inch and a half thick? Ah, the good old days…

And I don’t know why, but these postings caused me to remember my old kilobuck ImageWriter LQ, a dot matrix printer that was so good, it came within hailing distance of multi-kilobuck LaserWriters, plus would print on the old school ultra wide format…

Shoulda bought Apple stock instead of ImageWriters and Newtons etc. I’d be a wealthy man now.

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While I have never visited the Vintage Computer Federation (VCF Museum), I have watched some of the Vintage Computing Festival talks on YouTube and thought it might be a good home for these items - for your consideration.

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