Web-based email client that supports multiple accounts

Looking for suggestions for web based email.

I used to have Gmail collect email from about 7 different accounts, and I would use the web interface for Gmail to work through them. I liked it because I could log in from any computer, phone, tablet to do this. I have personalized email addresses through GoDaddy. The company shifted to using Microsoft’s Outlook and had to eventually move those email addresses to Microsoft Exchange, which doesn’t work with Gmail.

I primarily want to use a web interface, and I’m not interested in an Mac OS or iOS app. Does anybody have a suggestion for a web based email service that collects email from other services (not forwarding)?

Hi Al,

When you say that you “used to have Gmail collect email from about 7 different accounts,” was that a personal Gmail account or was it a business Gmail account managed by the company you work for, i.e., a Google Apps/Workspace account? Or do you mean that you were using a Gmail service through GoDaddy and now GoDaddy is using Exchange?

There may be several different approaches depending on exactly what your situation is, but if I’m guessing your situation correctly, you can still use a personal Gmail account to collect everything except for your Exchange-hosted company email, and your company has restricted your ability to collect company email through any means other than company-supplied email clients, like Outlook. Is that correct?


Thanks for your reply.

I have a personal Gmail account that I set up to collect emails from AOL, iCloud, 2 personal domain emails through GoDaddy, and Gmail. I like this setup because all of my email was in a central location that I could access anywhere with an internet connection.

GoDaddy shifted to Exchange, which removed Gmail’s access to those 2 email accounts. I can’t access Gmail using GoDaddy’s web-based Outlook. iCloud email only accessed iCloud email. That left me with using Apple Mail on my iPhone to access all of my email, but it’s not centrally stored. Mail on my Mac isn’t synchronized with Mail on my iPhone.

I was hoping to find a web-based email service with access to all of these different accounts. Looking for suggestions, paid or free.

Do you manage the GoDaddy Exchange email server, or does someone else do it for you?

Is it an actual hosted Exchange server (i.e., a Windows Server system running the Exchange Server software), or is it the GoDaddy version of Microsoft 365 that includes Exchange Online?

As far as I know, either approach will allow you to use Gmail to collect email from Exchange, given the right settings on the server and on Gmail. For example, if Exchange is set up to require two-factor authentication, you will either need to use an authenticator app or an app-specific password to allow Gmail to access it, and you will need to allow either IMAP or POP connections to Exchange.

fastmail.com, $50/year, can host your domain mail leaving godaddy out of the loop completely, except for one-time setting of the dns records.

Fastmail can fetch new mail from gmail, and pretty much any server using pop or imap. Their web interface is fine, and filtering is available so you can direct mail from each account to its own folder if you want. Spam filtering isn’t as good as c-command’s spam sieve, so though I don’t often use Mail.app, I have it set up both as a backup of the server mail, and to let spam sieve do it’s thing.

fastmail can also sync contacts and calenders (carddav & caldav), and provides some normal file space with webdav.

I use Microsoft 365 through GoDaddy.

Fastmail sounds exactly like what I’m looking for. I would like to be able to ditch GoDaddy altogether. I’ll look into Fastmail. Thanks for the tip.