Was upgrading to 1Password membership easy?

If anyone else has upgraded from 1Password 6 to a 1Password membership (which includes v 7), I’m very curious on how they found that transition.

My bottom line question: Is it Agile’s instructions or me that has caused my total frustration with the process.

It may well be my bifocals, my mental acuity or my age but hopefully for me it is Agile’s instructions for upgrading/migrating from 1PW 6 to the membership format (and 1PW 7) on multiple OS X and iOS devices.

Over two days, I’m now hours, not minutes, into this with little to show for it. Well, I have finally migrated my main Mac and deleted its prior vault.

But now I’m at a pause confused by their iOS instructions plus lack of instructions on what to do for prior sync method via Dropbox.

However, even the migration on the OS X 10.14.6 main Mac took me way too long.

So, be honest please, is it Norm or Agile? :wink: LOL

Thanks much.

I just bought the individual copy, which is still available. Did you need the subscription version?

No. Just read about both and decided to go that route. Maybe I’m not too far along to backtrack.

I’ll wait to see what type of support Agile gives on my questions.

And didn’t read Joe K’s book first which I usually do so I have that to do as well.

A gift that keeps on giving in terms of time involved. :wink: LOL

One thing that surprised me in your initial comments was that you deleted a prior vault. I have never had to do that and certainly did not when I moved to the subscription model. For me the changeover was seamless.

I know that is not helpful information for you but I will say perhaps what you have experienced is a combination of Norm + Agile. If you happen to be doing something incorrectly you certainly don’t want to exacerbate the problem so I suggest you wait until you hear back from your support request. In my experience Agile support has been stellar.

I’ll wait to see what type of support Agile gives on my questions.

Did you ask on the 1P Support Forum?

I have had excellent results there.


Your problems sound like mine when I upgraded.
It’s NOT just you. Agile’s instruction are Old, Complex, ‘Messy’, Badly upgraded to try to cover past upgraded upgrades, too generic so as to cover all devices, and just WRONG. They won’t admit when there is a big problem with 1PW Updates to iDevices. They will happily take your money, though.


Thanks Gordon. I’ve had good experience from Agile support too.

FWIW, their instructions for the subscription/membership plan to delete the old vault once you’ve migrated to the new one.


Yes I did.

Awaiting some help from the 1PW Support Forum.


One thing that surprised me in your initial comments was that you deleted a prior vault. I have never had to do that and certainly did not when I moved to the subscription model. For me the changeover was seamless.

I had the same experience – just installed 1P 7, then, after making sure everything was working fine, deleted 1P 6. (I didn’t use Dropbox though.)


It definitely wasn’t as easy (or as clear) as it should have been, but I didn’t have any major trouble. Doing it on my Mac was easy. I installed 1P7 there and it found my old vault on Dropbox and imported everything into a new cloud-based 1P7 vault. Then I eventually figured out there were options on iPad and iPhone versions of 1P (hidden under sync in 1P’s settings) that let me upgrade to the subscription version and it brought in my new cloud vault.

However, I later realized when I searched that I had two of every item. It turned out to still be syncing the Dropbox version so I had two vaults open with the same contents. I disabled the old one, leaving only the new vault, and that seemed to fix things. But for a while I was nervous because I’d added/updated some of my items on my Mac and I worried they were going to the old vault instead of the new. Fortunately, I caught it early enough that didn’t happen and everything was in the new vault.

So far so good.

When I transition to Subscription 1P7, Joe’s book was not yet published. I had many conversations with responses that said in essence, “The answer is somewhere in our forum.”

The transition is actually quite easy, if you can find coherent instructions that match the product. I often found new postings describing the situation I had laboriously worked through a week before.

Final advice" Make periodic human readable backups of your vaults and store them securely somewhere away from your computer, My set of USB flash drives go along with my offsite backup hard drives at least monthly.

I hope you have good backups. Once I understood (somewhat) how to proceed, I simply left my Dropbox-hosted Vault alone after the contents were copied to the AgileBits-Cloud vault. After several months I had enough confidence to delete the old vault.

I found that migrating my macOS 1P instance first and then performing a new install on iOS devices using the “Emergency Kit” and master password to work well. Now I really like all the iOS apps that can access 1P7 for credentials. The only time I see most passwords is when I update them.

I found Agile’s instructions pretty straightforward when I upgraded to 1Password 7. The basic idea is to create your online vaults, move or copy the entries from your old vaults, and then disconnect the app from your old vaults. One thing I found a little unnerving was the wording that the old vaults would be deleted when you were removing them from the application, but the actual vault files were actually left alone.

The main difficulty I ran into was switching other family members over to the subscription. On my first attempt, I accidentally ended up with a private online account for my mother whereas I just wanted her to use the family account.

Thanks for the info on the family members to subscription. I’ll be on the lookout.

Do those who have done this use the QR scan? I think I’ve migrated my main Mac over but I never used the scan step and don’t understand what it is or does.


Yes, it was very handy! Basically my Mac displayed a QR code and inside 1P on my iPhone I used the camera to read the code and it automatically set up 1P on the phone for the new cloud-based account.


I had no problem doing this. My motivation was to access the family plan which seems a better option than buying two stand alone, non-subscription accounts, especially when the other family members are not particularly interested in using it!

Jack Clay

It’s not you, Norm. I made the transition to the subscription version a couple years ago, and it was not pretty! I consider myself very good with technology, but it certainly wasn’t a straightforward process.

I think, however, that it’s worth the effort. I use a subscription model for software that I consider essential to my time spent with technology. 1Password falls into that category. It not only keeps the software current, it allows me to create a vault for my wife and then switch back and forth between hers and mine.

Anyway, it isn’t you, it’s Agile. You should write Dave Teare (the founder and CEO of Agile Software) on Twitter (@dteare) and let him know your frustration with the conversion process. I did and heard back from him, and the process will never get any better unless they know the pain their customers are experiencing…

Thanks Ron. Happy to hear it was worth the effort.

I read Joe K’s TC of 1PW but sadly only after I remembered it after starting the transition/upgrade process. As always, IMHO, Joe was very helpful. Much better than Agile’s instructions.

I’ve now got 1Password 7 subscription on my 2 Macs and my iPhone working. Next up are the devices for the important person in the family. :wink: LOL

Actually, I asked Agile support yesterday how best to provide feedback on this process. I feel like you that 1Password is one of my key apps. I’d like to help Agile but we are two of the few Californians that avoid Facebook and Twitter. :wink: LOL Tried to find Dave’s email but struck out so far.

Thanks for your response.

I didn’t have too many issues, but I had been involved with software development for over four decades way back when installing software involved a 5 1/4” floppy and a dot-matrix printed manual written at 2:00am by the same person who wrote the software. However, my not-so-technical wife wasn’t able to do the 1Password upgrade process with out extensive help.

Part of the reason is that moving to the subscription service is a complicated procedure. You’re creating an on line account. You need to pick out your new 1Password URL. You need a password, and you also get this “secret key” that you need to save.

Once that is done, you need to transfer your local copy of your passwords to this new online vault. Oh, and then anyone who shares passwords needs to use your URL to create their own on line vaults and transfer their passwords from their local system to the new on line system. Don’t forget that secret hexadecimal key! Oh, and there’s the multiple vaults you can setup and share with people too. That process took me a while to figure out.

It’s a complicated procedure no matter how you slice it, and the documentation doesn’t help. I love 1Password and out of all the various password storage solutions, it is the best and most secure. But there’s a reason why more people use Lastpass and Dashlane. 1Password is too technical for many people.

The process could be a lot more automated and the documentation better organized and up to date.

Now that I have everything setup, I’m happy with it.

I have been informed by AgileBits people that the answers can be found in the forum and coherent documentation is not necessary.
I disagree based on decades of hardware, software, and documentation experience, not to mention teaching many to cope with their computer’s idiosyncrasies.
If I knew a good way to get past the first-line support (who are actually very good even while wrong-headed about documentation) I would say as much to Dave Teare.

People who need coherent documentation aren’t going to have the ability to search a forum and decipher the answer. Pulling up the first answer isn’t going to help. It could be wrong. You need to go through all the answers. There are probably multiple threads you need to look at. There are forum titles that started with one question that morphed into other questions. If you aren’t familiar with forums, they’re not going to help.