Was upgrading to 1Password membership easy?

I’ve been using 1Password for years, and found the subscription upgrade manageable, but a little convoluted, Share it with my family? they’d rather write passwords down. If you don’t like playing with software it isn’t worth their time or energy.

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When I was undecided whether or not to change from an individual subscription on password 6 to a family versus 7, I emailed customer and asked them a question our two. I got very clear instructions on what to do if I wanted to switch, plus an offer for 6 months free for a family subscription. I said yes, and the person gave me clear instruction as to what next to do, and to send her a troubleshooting scan of the program so she could be sure that everything wa okay. She then gave me more instructions, and repeated the suggestion of sending the trioubeshooting scan. She led me through installing it on my computer, my ipads and iphone and my husbands computer and devices. I was very happy with the level of support that I received.

I too was about to move to 1Password Subscription BECAUSE THEY SAY THE STAND ALONE version was no longer available??
Someone in this thread said they just bought the stand alone version? Where is that?
Frankly, I dislike subscription software intensely and I am looking at other alternatives, like Codebook which I am about to install instead of there 1P subscription model. Buy it and you are done.


It is not obvious from their site, but I found this discussion


that seems to imply that they to not advertise a Stand Alone license, but it is available if you ask.

In my case, I already knew that a stand-alone version of 1Password 7 was available, but figuring out wheree to find this option was extremely difficult; and when I asked AgileBits for help, I got different responses from different people. It certainly seemed to me that AgileBits was intentionally obfuscating the upgrade process to encourage their customers to subscribe. I don’t appreciate that tactic at all and wrote a letter of complaint to AgileBits. As a result of this experience, I have found myself relying on Safari’s built-in password management features more often and using 1Password less than I used to.

Yes. When I questioned Agile on a standalone version, I was shuffled between reps, and given unclear answers.
Face it folks, they want to tie you into their “subscription” service so the money will keep rolling in.
I will be demoing Codebook this weekend and I anticipate a move in that direction.
Goodbye 1 Password, you used to be invaluable!


OP returning…

When I asked Agile support to explain differences and which would be best for our situation, they provided a very clear answer on both v 7 app and subscription.

They also provided clear and complete answers to my follow up questions over several emails.

Good support IMHO.

However, I felt their install instructions were not clear or fully detailed and there were too many ways of getting those instructions. That was disappointing and time consuming.

Just my 2 cents FWIW.

Finding Standalone Version of 1PW

Personally, I have had few occasions to contact 1Password support and I have been a 1Password user since it was first introduced in 2007. However, the few times I have had to contact support I have been extremely satisfied. Obviously that is not the norm based on other people’s comments here which is quite unfortunate.

I highly recommend contacting Agile Support to let them know your dissatisfaction or, if you use Twitter, tweet at Dave Teare (the founder of 1PW) directly.


I have been extremely satisfied with 1PW, the upgrade process and any support I’ve ever needed. Though I much prefer to buy software outright, I understand the reasoning that leads businesses to try to manage their cash flow by moving to subscription services, and do not begrudge them that. Adam has written about this changeover in software company’s business models on multiple occasions.

I would hesitate to extract any normative information from a list where people generally post problems they are having and are looking for solutions. And, as we all know, people are much more motivated to post to ’social media’ when they feel a product has not met their expectations than when it has. Just read a few Amazon reviews.

Jack Clay

Hello, I’m 82 and had no issues upgrading from 6 to 7, and even received six months free with my TidBits membership even though I’m not a new customer. Actually been using 1Password for many years. Possibly I was just lucky. I have five devices syncing with no problems. Cheers, Miles

Yep, I found it pretty straight forward to do. I had 3 or 4 vaults that were all syncing to Dropbox, that I converted to a family account. Thought I often find their instructions lacking, I didn’t in this instance.

I love my wife dearly, and I do whatever I can to make her life easy. “Wash the dishes? Certainly honey. You want me to mop the floor too? No problem. Afterward, I’ll walk the dog. We don’t have a dog? Would you like me to get you one? No problem. I’ll throw the cat out and get one. You give me the word.”

I switched my email domain from weintraubworld.net to weintraub.name when .name became available. My wife liked weintraubworld.net, thus I kept it. we all use weintraub.name except her. It’s what you do for love.

However, I forced my wife to learn 1Password and to use it. We share certain accounts like our bank accounts, utilities, and household accounts like water delivery services. Her using the same weak passwords over and over was no go. It’s a security issue for myself and my wife. Someone breaking into Freecycle and stealing her account and password should not give them access to our bank account and credit cards.

She didn’t like it. She protested, but she uses it.

If you share any accounts with family members, you must get them to use 1Password too. Your personal account security depends upon it.

One of the main reasons I use the standalone version is because it is cheaper than the subscription route. Agile releases a major update to 1Password every 2 - 3 years. The cost of the standalone is less than subscribing for 22 months if you pay annually. At 2 years the subscription costs 10% more than the initial price ($64.99) of the standalone software; at 3 years the subscription cost is 67% more than the standalone. The discrepancy is even higher because after the initial cost, you only pay an upgrade cost: going from 1Password 6 to 7 was only $49.99 back in 2018. If I’d gone the subscription route, as of today I would have paid 20% MORE!

I agree with you, and that’s why we also rely on 1Password. However, she primarily uses an iPad, and has trouble every time she attempts to use 1Password to insert a password. I frankly don’t think it is AgileBits’ fault, but rather Apple’s. Even though she loves her iPad in all other respects, and I am a loyal Mac user since 1984, I find the iPad to be totally unintuitive, especially in its method for inserting passwords from any password program, even others she had tried before accepting 1Password as our common app. Everything important is either hidden or just “stuck on” in the middle of nowhere, almost exactly the way Google does things. I have never been able to just pick up her iPad and “just use it” as Apple claims. I always have to research, on my Mac, its hidden “how to” secrets, every time I need or wish to borrow it from her.

QR Code; yes, worked fine. Macs, PCs, Android - all working properly. Wouldn’t do without it.