Using my MacAir as a screen for my Mini

So I recently got a new Apple Mac mini, 3.6GHz Core i3 to use as a replacement for my older mini that was a music server. I read about using Thunderbolt to make a screen for the mini to my iMac Pro, but it didn’t work at all. So I brought down my Intel Mac Air with 2 Thunderbolt ports and read how you connect them and “magically” should be able to use the screen.

Well I tried everything, including a Command-F2 that was supposed to activate things but never got any indication that it knew something was there. I tried multiple ports and multiple thunderbolt cables, but nothing seem to work. I ended up calling Apple Support and with two different support people, they could not figure out my problem either. I guess I could’ve had it escalated, but after two hours for what I thought was a simple solution, I felt that if I really needed to, I could use an HDMI cable into hook it up to my TV. But I would like to know if I missed something as it seems this should work.

Does anyone know of a simple way to do this and if this is possible?

Target Display Mode works only with certain older models of the iMac.

You might try Luna:

Just use screen sharing.

I’m doing that now but I could not set up the Sharing preferences until I had a screen, etc etc

Used HDMI to connect it to my TV to set it up. All good now. Have to change some settings to do automatic login and not go to sleep yet.

Andrew Malis amalis
December 9

Just use screen sharing.