Useful Hints for the Discourse Forum

Hey all :slight_smile:

I’ve been an active Discourse user for a few years now, on the OGS forum—OGS is “Online Go Server”:

(What is “Go”, also called “Baduk”, also called “Weiqi”? Click here!)

Go (game) - Wikipedia

… and I LOVE it (both: Discourse, and of course the game of Go).

So, back in 2014 I started a thread over there with a few hints for using the forum, and many other users added their hints also:

Maybe we can collate some of the content there and use it here also?

And of course Discourse’s own forum is also chockfull with interesting forum stuff:

Also, only now I found out that I could’ve skipped the “new user onboarding tips and badges” if I had only visited my user preferences page here :roll_eyes:

Tom in Germany

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Good idea, @Bonobo! I particularly like your tip about taking a screenshot to the clipboard by holding down the Control key while taking the screenshot (it should work with Cmd-Shift-3, Cmd-Shift-4, and Cmd-Shift-5; please don’t post full-screen screenshots unless they’re necessary, though, because they’ll be too small to read) and then pasting directly into a forum post.

Also, with URLs, remember that if you put a URL on a line by itself, you’ll get a onebox preview. If you don’t want that, put a space in front of it, which might turn it into either a URL or just the title of the page. If you really want a URL, enclose it in < > brackets. I find the latter is helpful on another forum where the oneboxes and titles don’t work super well for things like Google Docs, Zoom, and Doodle links.

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I don’t think it works with cmd-shift-5, because that version of the screenshot tool brings up an interface where you can select the destination from a menu (and the clipboard is one of the options):

Never trust the UI. :slight_smile: I tried holding down Control with a window-based screenshot triggered from Cmd-Shift-5 and it worked fine.

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Huh, interesting. Is this as you click Capture that you hold down the Control key? I tried Ctrl-Cmd-Shift-5 and nothing happened. And if you have selected save to a file or open in preview, does it do that as well as copying to the clipboard? (Not being lazy, I’m not at my Mac at the moment.)

Yep, hold down Control as you click Capture.


Y’all know about cmd+Shift+4, then Space for window screenshot, right?

Then move the mouse, and other windows (or the Dock, or the Menu) are highlighted.

Pressing ctrl then while clicking sends that to the clipboard also.