USB Group Moves to Validate USB-C Devices for Safety and Security

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Cheap cables and compatibility issues with USB-C have led USB’s trade and standards group to launch an authentication program that will pair certification with cryptographic locks to ensure device safety and data security.

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Hopefully this will make consumers lives easier when buying even simple products like USB-C cables.

Does this mean that brands will display a logo or text identifying what the cable is certified to do?

Much like how currently Apple MFi certified cables/devices can either claim Apple MFi Certified ® and/or display one of the Apple MiFi logos:


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Wouldn’t that be nice! I’d love to see it, but it’s not part of this specification. The USB-IF and the Thunderbolt 3 group (i.e., Intel) does have standard iconography and wording for gross compatibility. USB 3.0 and 3.1 cables are supposed to have a particular “SS” logo (probably ill-advised given history). The “10” in the logo is for USB 3.1 (of course) and the battery symbol indicates Power Delivery 2.0 (but not what wattage).

B&H has a great little write up of this with some amazing illustrations.

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