Upgrading Quicken 2007 for Catalina

I plan to upgrade to Catalina sometime in the near future. I’m going to have to upgrade to 64-bit software across the board. One of the things I’m facing is a two-part issue. I’ve been using Quicken 2007 for many years now. So, I have to upgrade to the latest version of Quicken, which I assume is 64-bit. But I also have to transition to what I believe is a pay only option for Quicken. Has anyone done this? If so, can you please share your experience, advice, etc? Thanks.

Quicken for Mac spent a long time in the wilderness. If you’re upgrading from Quicken 2007, there’s going to be a process for importing your old data and a learning curve for the new software. You might as well review the other options, covered in TidBITs in 2016:

Personally I found Banktivity was the best fit for my needs and successfully imported my Quicken data back to 1993.

I’m working on a Web page listing all of the available Macintosh accounting programs. There are a surprisingly large number of them.

Macintosh Accounting Programs

Actually, Quicken is technically a personal finance application.

I’ve indicated on the page the programs that seem to be the most popular currently.

Lance, Quicken for Mac 2007 Lion compatible is a 32-bit program. Unfortunately Intuit never updated it to 64-bit. Intuit did create a new version of Quicken for Mac that was 64-bit but it was a pale shadow of 2007 and extremely overpriced. Intuit then sold their Quicken line to someone else. Unfortunately, this company has done away with the standalone Quicken and is only subscription - don’t renew and you can no longer use Quicken. I suggest that after moving to Catalina, you install a virtual machine and install High Sierra or Mojave along with Quicken for Mac 2007LC.

Randy, regarding PocketMoney here is some info: the desktop version hasn’t been updated in over 6 years since the passing of Hardy Macia. PocketMoney is now owned by Guiseppe Tondini and he has a Swiss company named “PocketMoney GmbH”. He recently rebranded a version of iCompta as “PocketMoney” for the iOS App Store (supposedly that is against Apple’s rules).

While that would allow continuing using 2007 (and something I considered), they recently (sometime in November) turned off downloading stock quotes, and many companies are dropping support for whatever form of transaction download 2007 uses, so those will be lost regardless. Maybe that’s not something essential, in which case the VM should work fine, but I use both stock and transaction download a lot, so it wasn’t an option for me.

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on the situation and update my Web site as needed.

That makes sense if the feature you use has been disabled. I don’t use the stock features or transaction download (the downloads don’t have the information I want to see); it looks like the only transaction download Quicken for Mac 2007 LC uses is either Direct Connect or Web Connect. Open Financial Exchange (OFX) seems to be the default now.

James Mitchell, I wondering how you converted “successfully” to Banktivity. I had a terrible time with it. My first year’s conversion reported that I had $5 million in uncatagorized monies.

Perhaps you had a single file for all years and corrected all uncategorized items successfully.
But, I cannot recommend Banktivity for many reasons which I can discuss offline at mrnoonan at yahoo.

I’d be interested in your efforts.


It was some years ago and I don’t remember the details. I had two Quicken 2007 files, one covering ten years of $US transactions and one covering about twenty years of $A transactions including stocks.

As I recall it required exporting to QIF and then importing into what was then iBank. I needed to make sure that the categories and accounts all lined up correctly and there were some manual corrections to make but it was no worse than transferring the data into SEE or Quicken Essentials which were the other alternatives I looked at.

I’m sure I would have tried a few experiments importing a small subset of the data to figure out the pitfalls before taking a plunge with tens of thousands of transactions, but I really don’t recall.

James Mitchell

I’m running Quicken 2007 on Mojave and I can still download stocks quotes via the Online -> Updated Security Prices… command.