Threading in Apple Mail

(Jeremy Roussak) #1

I’m finding that Mail is threading similar messages some, but not all of the time, and it’s making the discussions very tedious to read. Here’s a screenshot:

Have I missed the answer? (there have been a lot of posts!) Any ideas?


PS: I tried to paste the screenshot into the message but was told that “new users can only post one image per message”. I was trying to post an image with only one message!

(Curtis Wilcox) #2

Apple Mail, at least on Sierra, was initially only grouping messages with the same Subject and and same Author. This morning, Adam changed a setting so replies to Topics begin with "Re: " and that seems to have made Apple Mail happy. There may still be some glitches with threads begun before the change.

I’ve mainly been reading everything by RSS feed but with email threading fixed in my main client, I may go back to reading a lot by email. I still like replying on the web and expect I’ll do some reading that way as well, especially the comments on articles.

(Diane D) #3

The multiple image thing happened to me when I had quoted posts in my reply. I removed the 2 avatars and the error went away, and was told later not to even do quoting so that helps further. :slight_smile:


(Adam Engst) #4

Let’s see if the change I made this morning makes a difference, @jbr, and yes, @dianed143, I suspect there may have been extra images somehow in the post. I’ll see if I can change that new user setting, since it seems draconian in this community. Yep, found it and changed to 5.

(Diane D) #5

So oddly enough, I deleted prior posts yet when my post came through I still see them. I am reading via email though.


(Jeremy Roussak) #6

Yes, that seems to have worked, Adam; and changing the “new user” setting would be nice. On the other hand, my post only contained one image, so I don’t know why it wasn’t allowed even with the restriction in place.