There is a 64-bit version of Boxer that runs perfectly on Catalina!

I have a lot of ancient DOS games t hat I love: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Leather Goddess of Phobos and many others by Infocom and others. Catalina rendered the previous version of Boxer useless and the developer discontinued it. But now an intrepid programmer covered the discontinued Boxer to a new 64-BIT version that works flawlessly in Catalina. Get your old DOS game, Drag & Drop into the installer window and the new Boxer does it all! I have installed 92 ancient DOS games with no failures! Ran Go64 from St. Claire Software (It’s free), the new Boxer was 100% 64-Bit which likely means it will run on Big Sur. Get the new Boxer at

Good news - thanks John. As it happens I still regularly run the superb database/programming software “Open Access” in Dosbox on a Mac running Mojave. I have been doing this since my first Mac in 2003:

Each major macOS “upgrade” I check whether it still works on a Macbook before upgrading the iMac. This was one of the reasons I have not installed Catalina so now I may try it with the 64 bit version of Dosbox.

There are numerous other 32-bit apps that I am not prepared to relinquish. I also have Parallels so, in theory, I could run them all in Mojave under Parallels running in Catalina (there is a useful tidbits article on this Topic). However the latest (Catalina) Parallels subscription requirements put me off keeping that going just so I can install Catalina.

PS My thoughts about Open Access & disappointment with Windows Software are documented here:

Have you tried CrossOver by CodeWeavers? It will run almost, almost anything from Vista to Windows 10 in 32 or 64-BIT. You can download a 14 day trial that is fully functional and you do not need a Windows OS. Parallels is powerful but it is a subscription and can be a huge draw on your Mac’s assets. I would try both the 64-BIT Boxer and CrossOver. Both function perfectly in Big Sur. Me, I hate DosBox, way too complicated for my old and deficient mind.


Lest there be confusion, we’re talking about two different products here. DoxBox is a cross-platform PC emulation system. Boxer is a user-friendly Mac-only PC emulation system that uses DoxBox at its core.

It’s been my understanding that DosBox has been kept up to date with the latest macOS releases, but Boxer has not (which is why the official page is showing a downloaded dated February 2016). The fact that someone else has done the work to bring it up to date is great news.

I am daft! I cannot remember if I gave the link to the 64-BIT Boxer. Just in case I did not here it is:

Indeed it will run XP stuff too. But what it will not run, in most cases, is DOS software. That’s where you need Boxer.

:+1: - I will try it out on a spare Mac running Mojave

CrossOver 20 will run DOS games from [Abandonware games sorted by genre - My Abandonware]. Virtually all of these oldies but goodies, have A DOS Box component built into the EASY INSTALLER. I have literally hundreds of DOS games running in CrossOver in Catalina 10.15.7. These games for the most part will even run in Windows 10 Pro in Boot Camp. Best of all these games are free!!! If you are an old timer like me, and you love text games (Interactive Fiction), they have an almost complete collection of the INFOCOM Games… Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, Leather Goddess of Phobos and more!

As to the 64BIT Boxer even in Catalina 10.15.7 it works flawlessly!

I tried CrossOver and my old mind couldn’t figure it out. I used DosBox and find it ok to use. I am looking for a better option.

CrossOver is pretty easy to use. It is a bit strange when you first try installing an app as it is different from the way a Mac app installs. However the Support people are most excellent and will do anything they can to help you. The Community Help is excellent too. I have found it to be much more versatile than DosBox it will run virtually any Windows version from Vista to Windows 10. There are also special archives that will give you most anything to run whatever Windows app you choose. There is also a vast list of apps that will run, where to get them and often special instructions to install. Currently, I am running a large array of graphics apps, animation apps, PDF apps, and some fine alternatives to Microsoft Office, not to mention literally hundreds of games. Should you try again and want an assist you can contact me and I will do what I can to help. CrossOver 20 is way cool!!!

Just updated my 2019 5K Retina iMac to Bug Sur 11.1 and was elated to discover that every game, app etc be it Windows or DOS that I had already installed in CrossOver 20 are fully functioning… not one casualty out of almost 200 apps!!! Way to go CrossOver and Apple. :sweat_smile: :heart_eyes: