Slow Wi-Fi on a MacBook Pro

YES! I am really struck by how slow my 2017 MBP wifi is: 400mbps on my iPhone, 24 or so on the Mac. I’ve tried making all sorts of changes with the Eero, my Comcast Modem, etc, and no, it’s all down to the the crappy wifi card in the MBP. My wife is ordering an iMac and that seems to be the same. I wish Apple would stop focussing on jewelry and go back to working on, you know, computation.

There must be something wrong with that setup then. Even my 2013 13" MBP does 400-500 Mbps real-world (through a wall) to my ac-type AP Extreme. It’s running on the 5 GHz bands for that and bundling 80 MHz of channels. RSSI is -57 dBm, noise is below -90. You can opt-click on your Mac’s menu bar wifi icon to get more information.

Yeah, my 2017 MBP does 400-500 Mbps with my broadband without a sweat.

Well, damn! I thought this was normal. Today is a good day (and mind you, my wife is zooming, but even before) I am getting around 87mbps according to both the wireless diagnostics and The diagnostics report (which I confess I don’t fully understand) also says something like “rate is about 825.” Is that also mbps?

Where could I go to research these issues? Websites preferred. Most just say things like walls can interfere, and get a mesh network. The tech from Comcast was surprised at the xfinity.speedtest rate, so I THINK I’m reading it correctly. This rate is consistent whether with the comcast modem direct (it’s here in my study) or with the Eero system. I’d be grateful for any suggestions. Thank you.