Shortcuts on Apple Watch stopped working

I have three shortcuts in the Smart Stack. One to start 3 timers, one for and one for All the shortcuts had changed to gray yesterday and instead of their separate names, they all were called Shortcuts.
I tried restarting iPhone and Watch and checked that the shortcuts still were there by starting the on both. I tried deleting one of the grey Shortcuts. When I wanted to add Shortcuts again, was not on the list.
Nothing changed today before I updated to the new OS on both. Afterwards was back and all worked.

I’ve revised it to improve clarity.

I’d try a simple restart of both the iPhone and the watch and see if that helps. After updating to 10.5 yesterday, when I went to the three complication widget on my start stack, the left-most complication, timer, was missing, but long-pressing to edit revealed the complication and ending the edit revealed it again. But what you are describing sounds more like what happened in my watch after the 10.0 update in September - most of my complications were not showing, and were not revealed when I tried to edit the faces on either the watch or the watch app, but after a few hours and a restart of both devices everything re-appeared. I don’t know if it was the time or the restart that fixed this, but I’d try restarting everything and see if that works.

But FWIW, I just checked on my watch - I can still add a shortcut to the stack.

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Sorry if my post was confusing. After installing WatchOS 10.5 and iOS 17.5 everything works again. Just posting to help others who might experience the same.

That was premature. All symptoms described came back. Restarting iPhone and Watch did not help.

I have unpaired and erased the Apple Watch and paired it again using restore from backup. Since I am on mobile sync is quite slow.

Status now is that I am waiting for apps to download.

Had to use App Store on the Watch to download 3d party apps. It took some time before I realized nothing happened with the apps that were listed as downloading on the iPhone while on mobile data.

However, the Shortcuts in Smart Stack are still not working, just gray and with the name “No Shortcut”.

If I go to the App list view and start, all my Shortcuts are there and working.

Have tried once again deleting the three “No Shortcut” and now I am back to not getting Shortcuts as an alternative to add to the Smart Stack. I will try restarting iPhone and Watch later. If that does not work, maybe unpairing and not restore from backup is the next step. I am reluctant to doing that since it is very time consuming.

I don’t have any Shortcuts in the Smart Stack. Instead, I’ve made the Shortcuts app one of the 3 apps in the Multi-App widget and pinned it to the top of the Smart Stack. That opens up extra spots in the Smart Stack and still enables easy access to my Shortcuts. Note that the top 3 Shortcuts are directly accessible after tapping the Shortcut app sub-widget, but there is a See All button directly under the first 3 to view the whole set.

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This is indeed strange. I am a Norwegian but prefer using English as the primary language on my iPhone.

I had a problem with the on the watch after I unpaired and paired the watch. Since I got an error message in Norvegian, I had a hunch that adding and moving Norvegian to the primary position would help. It did. I switched back to English and Yr still worked.

The problem with the Shortcuts also seemed to be fixed by this yesterday. But today the “No Shortcut” was back in the Smart Stack. So I tried switching from English to Norwegian and back again and shortcuts are back in the Smart Stack.

I think it is time to report it as a bug.

Just if somebody else stumbles over this bug. When the “No Shortcut” appears on my watch, I alternate between “English (UK)” and “English” on my iPhone. It fixes it every time.

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