Selling a MacBook Pro - where and for how much?

Hi friends,

I bought a new 2023 M2 MacBook Pro, and I’m wanting to sell my fully loaded, still very capable 2019 MacBook Pro. I’m curious if you all can offer suggestions on where might be the best place to do so, and how to determine a fair price for the MBP? (Usually when I sell gear, usually camera related stuff, I’ll check eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and a few used camera stores to see what similar products are selling for, but I don’t know if those places hold true for used computers.)


You might want to check out B&H in New York City. Comparatively speaking, they have a very good and longstanding reputation for selling new and used Apple hardware. They have a very long list of used Macs they are currently selling:

And they have always had a very good reputation. Before there were Apple Stores I always bought Apple hardware and accessories there. And they have anoutstanding reputation for good pricing and selling of photo equipment.

I’ve had very good experience with They give you a quote after selecting just a few specs, organize for hassle-free shipping, and promptly issue payment according to their earlier estimate. I have no idea if they give you the very best possible price (probably not), but the convenience, reliability, and the fact that I don’t have to deal with shady Craigslist buyers is more than worth it to me.

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Another option is macsales (Other World Computing).

Good question. I’ve purchased a few things from Back Market and been very happy with them. They also purchase used equipment. I have a few things I plan to sell, and I haven’t decided whether I’ll use eBay, Back Market, or someone else.

Thanks all! Checking eBay and OWC (MacSales), I was able to come up with a very fair price.

Does Back Market deal with IPads and mini iPads? I am looking for a used 5th/6th generation mini iPad.

Yes, they do.