Restoring Reader View in Safari/Sonoma 14.2.1

I updated to Sonoma 14.2.1 from 14.1 and found that, in Safari, Page View no longer works. Does anyone have a work-around? Is there some way to alert Apple that they need to fix this omission? Throughout the day, I have relied upon Page View to download articles and other materials that I use in my work as an academic. This change really annoys me.
Vincent Hevern

do you mean Reader View?

Duh! Yes, I meant Reader View. There are so many articles and online postings that I like to save (and, even, share with my undergrad college students) that this change is annoying.

Another reason to stay at Ventura, my II Mac can’t upgrade


I use it rarely, but Reader view is working fine on Sonoma for me.

Does it work when using the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Shift + R?

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For me, on older versions of macOS and Safari the icon for Reader View has appeared on the left side of the address bar on some sites but not on others.

On macOS Sonoma 14.2.1 and Safari 17.2.1 (19617., that icon doesn’t appear for any sites. Instead, there is an “Add page to Reading List” icon (which appears only when you hover over it).

As Eng Sun Cheng notes, Cmd + Shift + R enters Reader View. You can also enter Reader View with the menu command View ==> Show Reader.

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There are several things going on here, with specific terminology:

  • Reader View, which you access via View > Show Reader (Cmd-Opt-R) shows the page without graphics and optimized for reading. It’s only available for pages where it makes sense, so you won’t always see it. It’s also accessible via a little button at the left of the address bar. Arc 2024-01-16 at 11.17.50

  • The Reading List is a list of articles to read later in the sidebar. You can add a page to the Reading List with Bookmarks > Add to Reading List (Cmd-Shift-D) or by hovering over the left side of the address bar and then clicking the + button. It appears even if the page isn’t accessible for Reader View. Arc 2024-01-16 at 11.20.42

I’m seeing no issues with macOS 14.2.1 and Safari 17.2.1 on a 2020 27-inch iMac with either of these. So, @hevern, can you clarify what the problem you’re having is?

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No. All that happens is that the Reader View icon at the top of Safari turns dark, but the actual content on the screen does not change.


Do you have any Safari extensions installed? Perhaps one of them is conflicting.

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I upgraded to Sonoma 14.2.1 from 14.1.2 (or so) last week. So, Safari now is 14.2.1 as well. I am on a MacBook Air Retina, 13-inch, 2020 model. Ever since the upgrade, whenever I have tried to invoke Reader View in Safari to show just the page and optimize it, as you note, for reading, nothing actually happens…neither activating the icon at the top of the Safari browser to the left of the address bar or using the shortcut of CMD+Shift+R. All that happens when I do this is that the icon changes from white to grey using either activation method, but the actual view on the screen remains the same…no change and the adverts and other pics, etc. remain as usual. I am thinking of using TimeMachine to revert to the earlier version of Safari before the upgrade when it was working properly.

I am not concerned with the Reading List.

Thanks for whatever help or insight you can give. I do wonder if other Mac users have reported the same difficulty in upgrading to the current version of Sonoma?

Vincent Hevern

The only Extensions I have in Safari are 1Password, Day One, and Clip to DEVONthink. Do you think any of these might be an issue?


I had a similar problem about a month ago.

Fixed it by reinstalling macOS.

I guess i’m unsure how to reinstall the macOS. I’d do so IF it corrects the Reader View inactivation.

Vincent Hevern

Reader has become not so functional for me also. I have been using Print Friendly as a substitute and it works pretty well. It does include pictures which can be very useful in reading an article, esp a how-to type of article. Recommend it highly.

Thank you for this lead. I hadn’t know of Print Friendly before. In the absence of a fix by Apple, I will probably move toward this.


I’m still using Ventura and Safari 17.2.1, but this is what happens when I try to use Reader View with Javascript disabled. In my case it’s under Settings>Security>Enable Javascript.

Just updated to Sonoma 14.2.1 (M3 iMac) and the Reader button no longer works. The menu option works. I did not try Cmd-Opt-R.

Edit: a restart in Safe Boot mode seems to have fixed the problem for now.

Restarting in Safe Boot mode did not fix the problem for me.