Replacement of AccountEdge

Accountedge Pro just announced they will not offer a 64 bit version.
I do not like the idea of working with Parallels.
I am looking to find another software package to which I could export my Accountedge Databases

You may want to check out Randy Singer’s site:
Macintosh Accounting Programs

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Exporting AccountEdge data does not really result in anything usefully importable other than, perhaps, the card list (customers, vendors). Best advice:

  1. Do not upgrade to Catalina until you have comfortably migrated to another package, or…
  2. Run in Parallels (which I know you don’t like), or…
  3. Dedicate an older Mac to running a macOS older than Catalina so you may continue running AccountEdge.

Now this assumes that you aren’t running a retail business that needs to have access to updated tax tables (which one would assume won’t be available to the Mac version in coming years). I’ve been running AccountEdge (MYOB) since the early 90’s (a non-state-taxable business) so I have to make a choice, as well…unless I decide to retire.

Oops: Forgot to mention that one should print all purchases and invoices as PDF files so you have a somewhat-searchable record that may be printed as required. But you’re probably already doing this annually.

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We’re dealing with this as well because we have long used AccountEdge for all of TidBITS’s accounting. Tonya tends to keep her iMac one version of macOS behind the latest, so it won’t be an issue for some time, but when she decides to move to Catalina, we’ll have to make a decision about what to do.

Thankfully, you have almost two years before you have to upgrade to Catalina (and probably more if you abandon Safari for Firefox or Chrome). Anyone who wants to upgrade earlier than that should be asked to articulate a valid reason why.

Why should we be hostage to Accountedge? They promised an upgrade only to dump us and now they are harking the 2020 version and no longer warn you it won’t run on Catalina. Look at the MYOB forum. The Australians seem to be contemplating a class action against the company
Moneyworks seems to offer an app to transfer to them. Haven’t had time to test yet

They seem to be pretty open as to why here:

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