Replacement of AccountEdge

Accountedge Pro just announced they will not offer a 64 bit version.
I do not like the idea of working with Parallels.
I am looking to find another software package to which I could export my Accountedge Databases

You may want to check out Randy Singer’s site:
Macintosh Accounting Programs

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Exporting AccountEdge data does not really result in anything usefully importable other than, perhaps, the card list (customers, vendors). Best advice:

  1. Do not upgrade to Catalina until you have comfortably migrated to another package, or…
  2. Run in Parallels (which I know you don’t like), or…
  3. Dedicate an older Mac to running a macOS older than Catalina so you may continue running AccountEdge.

Now this assumes that you aren’t running a retail business that needs to have access to updated tax tables (which one would assume won’t be available to the Mac version in coming years). I’ve been running AccountEdge (MYOB) since the early 90’s (a non-state-taxable business) so I have to make a choice, as well…unless I decide to retire.

Oops: Forgot to mention that one should print all purchases and invoices as PDF files so you have a somewhat-searchable record that may be printed as required. But you’re probably already doing this annually.

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We’re dealing with this as well because we have long used AccountEdge for all of TidBITS’s accounting. Tonya tends to keep her iMac one version of macOS behind the latest, so it won’t be an issue for some time, but when she decides to move to Catalina, we’ll have to make a decision about what to do.

Thankfully, you have almost two years before you have to upgrade to Catalina (and probably more if you abandon Safari for Firefox or Chrome). Anyone who wants to upgrade earlier than that should be asked to articulate a valid reason why.

Why should we be hostage to Accountedge? They promised an upgrade only to dump us and now they are harking the 2020 version and no longer warn you it won’t run on Catalina. Look at the MYOB forum. The Australians seem to be contemplating a class action against the company
Moneyworks seems to offer an app to transfer to them. Haven’t had time to test yet

They seem to be pretty open as to why here:

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MoneyWorks has an AccountEdge file converter that I’m looking into. MoneyWorks seems like it might be a suitable replacement for AccountEdge. Anyone have any direct experience with it? I did see the very favorable 2014 review of MoneyWorks done by Macworld. Re: upgrading to Catalina: I’m using AccountEdge on my Mac Mini, which is still running High Sierra. Due to the pandemic, I should have time to upgrade it to Mojave this summer. My Macbook Air is running Mojave but I had no choice in upgrading it: the SSD failed and had to be replaced and I was unsuccessful in reinstalling High Sierra on it: all that would work was to install the then current Mac OS of Mojave (which has been working fine for me). My concern is that there will be a similar problem with the SSD on my Mac Mini, and that my only recourse will be to install Catalina, rendering all my AccountEdge files unusable on it (and I don’t want to run an older OS on Parallels or buy their Windows version or pay the prohibitive cost for their cloud “solution.”

An option in Australia is which, I think, offers an online only service (web browser based).
Is Xero in other countries?
MYOB also offers a web browser service.
I’m not sure how the pricing compares.
There are different tiers of features at different price levels on both platforms.
For someone to move a myob business file/s from a single computer hard drive based version to a myob cloud based service will present challenges … little alone switching to another company such as Xero.
One big question is how easy would a change from MYOB to XERO be and how it treats historical data as well as the structure of the accounts set up.
One other aspect is that a MYOB application on a computer can run multiple businesses within the app (up to five, from memory). This is handy (or rather justifies the high purchase prices of buying myob) if you run a couple of micro (or hobby) businesses in the family.
If moving to an online service then each business name will be treated as a separate business and each charged the monthly rate.
The fact that MYOB is not supporting Mac OS from Catalina onwards will drive many to alternative (most likely web-based) solutions such as Xero, even though MYOB does offer a web based solution, out of spite or bitterness.
And I’m also unsure if a web-based solution can offer all of the features of a standalone application on a computer.

For many reasons (and you identified some of the them), I’d rather stay with a standalone app than move to subscription cloud-based software. MoneyWorks offers a choice of either (and different levels of features).

I realize that cloud-based accounting software is becoming more and more popular, but it doesn’t fit my needs as well.

Yes, Xero is a big name in this type of software.

And I don’t want Accountedge on the cloud: I just don’t trust the company. It’s not a matter of spite.

I am migrating three databases from Account Edge to Moneyworks Expres
I am not a accountant so the learning curve ha been a little steep but in general I am quite pleased.
The Moneyworks converter from AccounEdge was pretty useless to me - or I ran it wrong.
I don’t need taxes, I don’t have inventory nor do I invoice which is why I decided I didn’t need the gold version
What I am doing with AccountEdge is make as many reports as I think I will need if I can longer address the app when I upgrade to a later OS. Because of AccountEdge I am sticking to Mojave until I get everything straightened out.
For safety sake I purchased Parallels with a Mojave partition. I haven’t done much playing with it but I don’t look forward. I have to pass the AccountEdge license from my hard disk to the Parallels partition which I want to do as late as possible.
I agree I want nothing to do with AccountEdge

That’s very helpful! Thanks!

For MoneyWorks’ AccountEdge to MoneyWorks converter, one needs to at least have the trial version of MoneyWorks Gold on the drive. I wonder if that’s why it didn’t work for you.

If I go with MoneyWorks, I haven’t yet chosen between Express vs. Gold: I need to play around with the demos and see if there’s any feature of Gold that I truly need.

-Nancy B

@drnancy I tried all three versions. They are quite generous in letting you use a trial for free. The have a good tutorial that works with Gold. You download it and use it as Demo. Their customer service is very good. The time difference to New Zealand gives them time ti reply very quickly, which they do
They have a complete tutorial as well as a good manual

Wondering if anyone has tried GnuCash.

Trying Express Accounts from NCH Software. Available for both Mac and Windows. Not sure if there’s really a free version but the paid version is $60/$70 and a half-off coupon code is easily found (and offered immediately upon free download).