Replacement of AccountEdge

There is a new version of AccountEdge Pro. They say it works on Mac OS from High Sierra to Monterrey and on Apple Silicon.

There is a new version of AccountEdge Pro. They say it works on Mac OS from High Sierra to
Monterrey and on Apple Silicon.

Except that it’s not really a Macintosh version of the software. It is their Windows version with some software added to make it run on the Macintosh. (I’m guessing that it’s Wine.)

Call me a purist, but I prefer to support products with my dollars that come from companies who go through the trouble of actually creating a genuine Macintosh version of their product. I don’t want to be treated like an afterthought.

It’s not like there aren’t plenty of alternatives to AccountEdge. See:

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I don’t know what level of sophication AccountEdge is, but if you need more complex accounting than, say, Quickbooks, consider Connected.

I switched to it in the late 90s and have never looked back. I just installed the latest version this morning on Macs running from 10.14 to 11.6 (yes, it is easily multi-user).

Altho they now offer a cloud option, as well as Windows, we’re an all Mac business and it runs great as standalone.

I have NO connection with the company, merely met them at MacWorld in about 1996, and will continue to use them until I, or my business, drops dead.

I’ve been using Account Edge since it was MYOB, or over 25 years I believe. I’m still running Mojave as I haven’t wanted to change accounting systems, but just “upgraded” to the new Account Edge Pro Network Edition. So far it’s a mixed bag. Company files were transferred and updated and I haven’t found any discrepancies. Works generally the same as the Mac Account Edge, some minor differences in what things are called but not really an issue. However, my biggest issue, besides running in a big gray box and being a generally ugly Windows program, is that it’s REALLY slow: windows sometimes take 5 - 10 seconds to open, clicking to bring a window to the front can also take seconds, scrolling through long lists (say of sales or purchases, or anything really) is painful. Even closing windows is sometimes slow. We don’t have the newest Macs (5 and 7 years old) so maybe that’s the problem, but they run every other program fine. I’ll probably keep using it as changing to a new system is not something I’m interested in, and I have four companies and with Account Edge I only pay once. I certainly wouldn’t get it if I was starting, and I doubt many people will, so I wonder how long they’ll even support this?