New Apple Guide Offers Personal Safety Advice

Originally published at: New Apple Guide Offers Personal Safety Advice - TidBITS

Apple has consolidated advice shared across many of its support documents and user manuals into one relatively concise guide. While welcome, it has room to improve.

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If you’re concerned someone you once trusted installed an app on your device without permission, you can review a list of all apps installed on the device and review or change how each app accesses information.

I seem to recall that for the Mac, the Guide merely directs the reader to look in the Applications folder, while applications can be in other places. (It’s possible that I’m thinking of some other Apple document or that I didn’t read carefully enough.)

You can pull up a list of applications using the System Information app (open-click the Apple menu, then select System Information…). Go to the Software/Applications category. You’ll get a list of every app (including internal ones like the Finder and Asian language input-method handlers). Click on one to get details about it, including its location in the file system:


Thanks. I just did that, and I somewhat understand why Apple would have omitted this method from the Guide (if, in fact, Apple did omit it; I might not have read carefully enough). There are many applications in my system, enough that it’s somewhat overwhelming. But I do appreciate you teaching me how to get the list.

Great article even it it has some room for improvement. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist quoting the article). Seriously well done, thank you