Networked iMac *always* (re)mounts

I’ve been unable to find a solution to this online, but maybe you experts can help:

I have a desktop iMac (vintage 2009) that keeps remounting remotely on my MacBook Air—when they’re both on the same home WiFi network—regardless of how many times I eject (remove) the iMac from the Air’s desktop. It’s always there at the MacBook’s startup, and it returns even after I’ve ejected it repeatedly and cleared recent servers in the Finder without restarting.

Any suggestions for keeping the iMac off the laptop (without shutting down the iMac; I do sometimes want to be able to dive in remotely)?


Sounds like you could have something that is trying to load a remote file/folder at login. If you set up an alias to be launched at login and that alias points to a remote file/folder, that will auto-mount the remote volume.

Nothing obvious on that count, but thanks!