Music app scrolls to the bottom automatically?

got myself a new macbook pro and thus a default upgrade to osx17 (aka monterey). the music app likes to automagically scroll to the bottom of the song list. sometimes it’s scrolling to the currently playing track, but mostly it just zooms to the bottom of the list. it does this even when i’m trying to work with some track at the top of the list (where the recently played stuff is).

i’ve shared this complaint with some friends who’ve noticed the same behaviour.

how about on this forum?

has anyone found a solution?

btw: i’ve tried to figure out how to complain to apple for a fix. the music service is listed on apple’s webpage for comments and bug reports but the music app is not.

Apple still has it listed on its Web site as “iTunes.”

Here is the link.

(You may have to fudge the version. It looks like they overlooked this because the feedback page seems to include such a complete list of Apple apps.)

Well, iTunes is still an active product for windows. I would think that Apple Music is probably the proper way to provide feedback for the music app on Catalina and later, as there is a separate feedback item for podcasts app and the tv app.

iTunes is still available for Mac as well so technically it’s still active:

Many users are not using the Music app as has been discussed in various threads here.


it’s typical of the apple feedback pages to be out of date or incomplete. also suspect entering feedback therein is the equivalent of “old man yells at cloud” but being that old man, it makes me feel better doing so.

thanks for the link, matt!

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I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear (as often happens on Saturdays!). I mean that it looks like Apple overlooked including a feedback form for the Music app. I know iTunes itself is still active on other platforms. Thanks Doug!

Would you mind pointing out a couple of those threads? I’ve found a number of references to iTunes libraries being hosed or functionality being lost (or misplaced?) since the Music app came to town, but a search doesn’t seem to locate any references to folks installing MacOS iTunes on the currently supported systems. I’m sure I’m just overlooking it, and I’d be interested to know what others’ experiences have been.

Here is a recent one but you need to go nearer to the end:

The software is called Retroactive that is used to install older iTunes versions:

See this link for more information and Monterey use on Intel:

I replied to you Matt but the it didn’t indicate that it did so I apologize. See the post before this one.

No worries. Thanks for those links. Talk about someone getting on a problem and solving the stuffing out of it!

You’re welcome. I never stopped using iTunes 10.7 Coverflow for the most part except when I needed a newer version to sync music to my iPhone which was installed on a separate partition. The older method for those who don’t know is to use the “CoreFP” trick which has to do with the app store. This website shows how to accomplish the task with screen shots:

However, this only works up to Mojave 10.14.3 as after that, the older iTunes app won’t launch.

The Retroactive app page says nothing about Monterey although some users on the MacRumors forum says it works mostly with Intel. I did try installing Monterey using VM Fusion Player which worked, then using Retroactive to install iTunes 10.7 which also seems to be OK although the CoverFlow feature doesn’t work under virtualization. I can’t say if all features would work but playing music files and the radio tuner both are fine.

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