MS Office 2021 Installation Follies

I recently, like last night, updated my MBPro 2017 to Big Sur.
This morning, somewhat blithely decided to acquire the latest standalone Office 2021
(not realizing it was basically released today. Here’e the event thread

Purchase MSO 2021 > Click install link > Alert MSO 2021 not compatible with your operating system > cancel install > investigate options refund, reinstall, confirm version purchased

navigate to MS account > Confirm purchase > attempt reinstall > Key Already In Use >
navigate to Order History > attempt install from purchase confirmation > Services and Subscriptions queue devoid of the MSO 2021 purchase & download LINK > two hours on phone with MS (friendly) Support, with mixed messages: Known Issue, MSO2021 for Mac available next month, or install is compatible with Big Sur, but requires Advanced Tech Team Support >>> Requested a refund. Done … Whew! Maybe next time

So maybe I won’t try installing it with Mojave!

Thank you for the alert.
More than 20 years ago I created a web page pointing out how much time is wasted trying to get Microsoft products to work:


I generally don’t bump threads, but in this case my intuition-generator is a tad bewildered by the lack of chatter on the google-wide-net about what I think can’t be “just my particular case”

Nothing out there in the Apple discussions I can find about MS 2021 standalone incompatibility with Big Sur. Nothing I can find online with regard to MS is “working on it” and the like
Granted it’s only been out a week or so, but in the “old days” this kind of stuff made discussion boards quite quickly.
Is MS Office that much of an outlier now?
While I do, indeed, use the Google suite more and more, through work, it is still very convenient to have the MS set of apps as I still get a lot of MS docs, in my work threads and such, mostly Excel,

just wondering …

You could have put a little emotion into that and perhaps told us how you really felt about Windoze… As I was working at that time for a small nonprofit where I had the only Mac in the building, I saw that pointless frustration in the haunted eyes of my co workers every single workday. Thanks for resurfacing the link.