More on mail apps for MacOS - filing, etc

I still haven’t upgraded MacOS to Sonoma, mainly because MsgFiler will stop working since Mail plugins are no longer allowed.

But I’m curious - are we sure there is no filing shortcut feature in Sonoma Mail? There is in the new Mail in iOS 17.1 finally, I was glad to see. So I’m surprised they would leave it out of MacOS Mail.

I also retested a few other email apps in the meanwhile.

Spark still handles images in a not great manner. They don’t seem to be inline, and you can’t annotate them (e.g. arrows and text) which I do all the time.

Gmail on the web doesn’t seem to have any image annotation either.

And neither Gmail on the web nor Outlook have “resend” which I also use all the time.

Not sure what else is out there.

Anyway, still holding of on Sonoma until either MsgFiler finds a solution or there is another alternative.

Have you looked at the suggestion on the MsgFiler website for duplicating its essential functions?

Another Way to File Messages on macOS Sonoma Using the Keyboard | MsgFiler

I believe that these methods can be implemented on earlier MacOS’s, so you might try them and see if they are sufficient to replace MsgFiler for you.

Note: I have never used any Mail plug-ins, and either pre-file many messages using Rules, and use dropdown menus for manual placement.

I’m not familiar with Keyboard Maestro (though I’ve heard of it), but I will check it out. I did try the “other way” mentioned in the MsgFiler discussions, but there are so many distracting pop up menus blocking my view it’s hard to use.

So there truly is nothing in Sonoma to do it like with iOS, where (1) the app suggests mailboxes and (2) shows an enter field where you can start typing a folder name and choose from matches?

The problem with drop downs is that I have so many folders! And many are nested! It takes forever to find them.

Anyway, I’ll check it out.

I remember now in the MsgFiler discussion that the Keyboard Maestro solution only works if all the mailboxes are collapsed, which they usually are not. Adam was apparently working on a way to make sure the mailboxes collapse automatically as needed.

I called Apple Support and they didn’t know of anything. I did learn, however, that I’ve been pronouncing Sonoma wrong it seems.

I’ve been pronouncing it So no’ ma, when apparently the first syllable is stressed and it’s really So’ no ma.

Anyway, are we sure there really is no So’noma feature that does that in Mail?


  1. Pronouncing Sonoma. You had it right. I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay area for 50 years and spent many happy days cycling in Sonoma County. I’ve always heard it pronounced something like suh-noh-mah with emphasis on the 2nd syllable. Check out the fbeginning of this video:
  1. If you initiate the Move fromt he toolbar icon and quickly type the beginning of a mailbox name, you will move to the first mailbox with those letters. I don’t believe that will work with nested mailboxes, through.

Glad I have the pronunciation of Sonoma right at least.

Also, I was testing Outlook again. It does have send again now. But there didn’t seem to be a way of annotating an embedded image (e.g. adding arrows and text). Microsoft did a screen share with me and finally they said, oh, sorry, that’s not a feature in the MacOS version of Outlook. Sigh.

Mail really seems to be the best email app for the Mac… except for the mail filing.

It’s likely an Apple internal pronunciation. Some companies enjoy the conceit that when they use a common word it must be enunciated in a new way. Pronounce Different, and all that.
In the UK everyone knows that cars made by the firm founded by Sir William Lyons are called “Jag-you-ahs.” Jaguar Canada, however, teaches its employees to say it “Jag-wire” and to even correct Brits who buy one from them. Cheeky blighters.

Jaguars in Japan are also pronounced Jag-oo-ah.

The Sonoma thing might have been because the support person was in some Asian country, in the same time zone more or less as me.

Doubtful. Remember that the name “Sonoma” was announced in the WWDC keynote with Apple’s top leadership all pronouncing it normally.


Are you sure MsgFiler doesn’t work at all on Sonoma?

I stopped using the MsgFiler Engine plugin for a release (or more?) ago, to see if MsgFiler was still usable without it. (The Engine is just for performance, or so I thought.)

MsgFiler without the Engine plugin has been working fine for me under Sonoma. (And was fine under the prior release, too.) Maybe I should be worried it’ll stop?

Yes, you should be worried. According to Adam from MsgFiler it may only appear to be working but things are really not getting filed.

Pronunciation of Sonoma with an accent on the first syllable must be an affectation to try to sound more intelligent than the person to whom it is said. It could not possibly be the way to pronounce that word/place.

Is it possible it originated with native Japanese speakers? To my ear SO-no-mah has a Japanese ring to it. But @doug2 would be in a far better position to comment on that than I am.

It was an Indonesian. But I also think it was just due to a non native pronunciation.

Regarding a Mail alternative - I am eagerly waiting for the arrival of MailMaven by Mailcubed who I currently depend on for project tags in Mail.

In my ongoing search for a MacOS replacement for standard Mail I also tried Thunderbird yesterday. But it doesn’t have a filing keystroke feature either.

Mimestream might (not sure) but it only works with Gmail accounts. I also have my iCloud account and a couple of standard IMAP accounts.

It’s too bad Outlook for Mac is a poorer version than the Windows version. While it has simple filing, the Mac version doesn’t have image annotation. I do that all the time when explaining things to clients, for example. Standard Gmail doesn’t have image annotation either.

Interestingly enough, the iOS 17 version of Mail ended up adding simple mail filing finally. After tapping Move in addition to suggestions you can enter part of a mailbox name and it will find them for you. I would be happy with that, but apparently that’s not a feature of Sonoma mail, according to Apple Support. I haven’t tried it myself, because I haven’t upgraded to Sonoma yet.

Postbox does (simply the letter V). It then gives a search box to start typing the name of the folder you want to move the message to, and will reveal mailboxes from more than the current account that matches the search string.

I am pretty sure they have a 30 day free trial.

I’ll take a look. It seems I tested Postbox once and found it missing some needed features. I have this note to myself from 2014: “I was curious about Postbox, but it really puts me off that they have zero person-to-person user support, and don’t even have a user-to-user support forums. And it seems people are complaining that it hasn’t been updated in quite a while. So I’m hesitant to invest my time in an app when I don’t know where it is going.”

That was 9 years ago though. I’ll check to see if it’s changed. Thanks.

According to Wikipedia the last release was in 2019. Even on the Postbox page where they brag about reviews the latest they show is from 2019.

However, I’m glad to see they do have support tickets again. No help forums it seems though. I’ve written them to ask when the latest version was actually released.