Menu items behind the MacBook Pro notch

all the reviews of the new macbook pro machines talk about how the mouse pointer disappears behind the notch and that some software even attempts to draw things that become invisible. all true.

but weirdly enough, the music app – after you access one of its menus (essential) – stops the mouse at the bottom of the notch and even better, jumps it from one side to the other if you attempt to mouse through.

i switched apps and came back to the music app several times to confirm this. of course, this is just one computer. so folks, kindly confirm that you can get the same behaviour …

That’s not related to Music, it’s related to having activated a menu. Tried it just now in Safari. Same behavior. Once a menu is dropped, the mouse pointer will jump from notch edge to notch edge and it will be blocked at the bottom notch edge. Close the menu, and the pointer can again rest “behind” the notch. Same again in Finder.


As I recall, Apple made it clear that app developers were responsible for using new API’s provided to avoid the notch, so not surprising that an Apple app like Music would do this and that 3rd party apps might not have recoded their apps to accommodate it. Perhaps activating a menu will suffice, but since I don’t have an a new MBP, I haven’t discovered what works and what doesn’t yet.

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So weird! I’d seen this behavior come and go and couldn’t figure out why. Oddly, it doesn’t work with menubar items (status items), even Apple ones like Control panel. But the ones on the left side of the notch do trigger this behavior.

It even works with old apps I wrote, so it’s definitely a system behavior, as I certainly never programmed any such feature.

hadn’t thought to try safari although i had fumbled back and forth between finder and music and not seen that.

btw: just tried it with firefox,, finder (plus system help) and none changed to avoid the notch. seems a tad hit&miss …

I just tried it with the Music app and the cursor doesn’t jump around the notch. It disappears into it. You can even see the bottom of the cursor sticking out from the bottom of the notch.