send again command changes send account

This is a bug I’ve experienced with since at least Mojave, probably longer. If I select an old sent message and hit send again, correctly copies the old message into a new draft message with all the right recipients and contents and even attachments. However, it will display a different send account.

I’ve tested this and realized it won’t actually send from that different account, it’s only displaying the wrong account in the dropdown menu. I can manually select the right send account, but that then adds another footer which is annoying because I have to go and manually edit the email.

I can just leave the dropdown menu showing the wrong account, but I prefer not to get used to that since I have several different accounts and sometimes it’s really crucial I choose the right one. Anybody have any idea what’s going on here or how I could fix this? The account it’s wrongly displaying is not the first in the dropdown list, but it is the first account listed in Mail’s prefs. In my case that’s the iCloud IMAP account instead of what I want—most of the time—the Google account I use for work. I can get it to stop doing this by disabling the iCloud account, but obviously that’s not how I want to solve the issue. Any ideas?

It does the same thing when you go back to edit a draft (changes the send from) and will actually send from the other account not the account chosen when the draft was made

To Explain better. Start and email select the account it is for save as draft. Come back later to finish open the draft from the correct draft folder and it changes to the top account and will send from that if I don’t change it.

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You’re absolutely right, @appleget. Now that you mention it I remember seeing that too.

Just to be sure I get what you’re reporting right, are you saying in the case of re-opening a saved draft, it flips to another sender and then also sends from that other sender? The behavior I see with ‘send again’ seems to be that although it changes the sender in the menu, it still actually sends from the originally used account. Not sure if that’s good or bad. I guess to a degree good because that’s the account it should send from, but definitely bad because it’s inconsistent with the displayed sending account.

Yes it not only changes the display of the sending account but when you hit send it sends from the newly displayed (wrong) account.

Thanks for that nugget, @Simon. Unfortunately for me, I am much more likely to send a message previously saved in Drafts than to Send Again. And I can confirm the phenomenon that @appleget mentioned, which dismayed me by sending from the wrong account (as stated).

Nothing useful, sorry. Just wish that Apple would improve Mail.

Well thank you both. :slight_smile:

I would consider being able to change the order in the menu so that it reverts to a specific account a usable workaround. Most of the time I’ll want to send from my work account so if it would default to setting that, I could live with it. But unfortunately, it defaults to using iCloud which I almost never use, however, I do no want to have to outright disable that account either.

If anybody knows how to affect that order, any advice would be very much appreciated.