macOS and iOS update “nagging”

See How can I turn off Catalina nagging?

That’s not really a complete fix. Sys Prefs still displays an annoying badge. So either you just start ignoring badges, or you have to remove Sys Prefs from your Dock. Apple needs to give people an ignore option for updates we just don’t want. Mac OS X used to have exactly that.

Thank you Michael. I appreciate the help!

To be fair to Apple, the company doesn’t benefit financially in any way from you installing the latest version of iOS (or macOS, though that’s a somewhat different issue for major upgrades on older hardware that’s being held at an older version intentionally), so I don’t see notification of available upgrades as advertising.

It would be negligent of Apple not to inform all users of operating system upgrades that include important security fixes, which is nearly all of them. You can choose not to install them and risk not being protected against increasingly public vulnerabilities, but the notifications are reasonable.

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Thank you Adam, you are right. I have been going through a bunch of issues that seem linked to some of the latest update so I hesitate to update right away. And I do appreciate Apple’s regular security updates among some of the others. But when one is having difficulty with the devices it becomes sort of the last drop landing on surface tension lol.

On all my devices (iPad Pro, iPhone 11 and MBP early 2013 Messages are messed up - I cannot send any documents, no matter how small - it says the message could not be sent, and often it simply a message with nothing in it. Also once I read a message and even e-mail it often does not synch between devices. All this has happened over the last couple of months so I’m hesitating to have more problems appear with the upgrades as none have solved the problem.

And I have been in the Apple world since 1985 - but lately I’m losing my love for all things Apple. I appreciate your wise response on this though. They do need to notify us. Thank you.

I agree, Adam. I think Apple should alert all users to availability of updates.

What I think they are sorely missing though is an option for users to say, “thanks, I’m aware there’s an update, but I don’t want it at this time so stop bugging me about it”. That used to be a simple option in Mac OS X SU.

Hear, hear. Options are good because people have surprisingly different preferences.

And even if you DO click the “Do Not Show This Again” link, as soon as they renumber the update the nagging spam starts again!

I’m a little puzzled about what it is that people consider “nagging” for system upgrades.

I’m still at Mojave. (Mostly because I needed a substitute for Aperture. I appear to have successfully migrated to Capture One Pro, so I can probably move on to Catalina soon. I’m still concerned about reports of trouble with Mail, however.)

I get an upgrade notification no more than once a month, probably less. When I get one, I simply click on the notification and it opens Software Update. Often there is also a Mojave security update available, which I accept or note for later. I close System Preferences and don’t hear again for several weeks. I have pretty much the same experience on my iPad, still running iOS 12.

I guess I don’t consider a gentle reminder every 4 to 6 weeks to be nagging. Are others getting more aggressive pushes? Or do I just have a high tolerance threshold?

I have two machines on Sierra and I get notifications DAILY - on apps I deleted years ago! How do I get rid of those?


I’m very confused by this. First of all this discussion is about iOS and Apple ads about apple services. Your question concerns a legacy macOS and some sort of notifications so it probably should be moved to a separate discussion topic, but also what kind of notification and what are the apps involved. Can you post a screenshot of one such notification please?