Looking for clipboard manager

I have no plans to subscribe to a computer program. Thanks anyway.

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Others have suggested Flycut and so will I. It has a setting to ‘Never Save Clippings’ and it does clear them all when you log out.

This doesn’t help with @countermoon’s desire to delete the clipboard history on quit/restart, but for anyone that doesn’t need this and is looking for an excellent clipboard manager, I recommend Pastebot. Well thought out, carries forward all the features I liked in PTHPasteboard (my previous favourite), and has loads more. I particularly use the customisable filters frequently. Like @ace, I like to keep a long clipboard history around, the default for Pastebot is 100 items (enough for me), but that can be increased to 1,000 for those that need more.

Thanks for that @jzw - checked it out, instant purchase.

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I had used Butler’s clipboard manager for 10+ years, and then at some time I wanted something that could do more, like …

  • group clipboard entries in groups (or lists, whatever)
  • edit clipboard entries
  • search for clipboard entries

So I tried out half a dozen or more other ones (paid as well as free), and have finally (i.e. for now) settled for Copy ’Em (formerly “Copy ’Em Paste”), which can do all that, and more, PLUS synchronize with its iOS counterpart¹. Been using it for ~10 months now, still very happy with it.

¹ iOS counterpart is free but sync etc. features are 7,49 € per year, so I’ve decided against the iOS thingie…