Little hovering web videos — make it go away!

I know several websites that have these annoying little videos that often slide to the bottom right hand corner and sit there as you scroll the webpage. There’s usually a tiny close button somewhere, good luck hitting it without hitting the video (especially on iPhone). The video is often auto play. A good terrible example is

I have website prefs set to never autoplay and ab blockers are enabled (and they work), but since the videos are ads for the website itself and not coming from some ad network I guess that can’t help. Reader view doesn’t help here either, because several of these websites use landing pages that don’t play nice with Reader and videos autoplaying on the landing page is the main nuisance.

I don’t see why I should be wasting bandwidth (especially cellular data on iPhone) for something I have no interest in. On top of that, a running video is terribly distracting if you’re trying to read something next to it.

Any suggestions for a Safari plugin that I could use to once and for all ban these *#!^ videos?


No answer, but to gripe that Gizmodo’s is the worst:

  • Not possible to close
  • It covers up the web page content you’re trying to read!

And it isn’t even an ad! It is a smaller video of an embedded content video, i.e. like another article but in video form.

I don’t understand who this benefits. How does it help the site? It is like if you’re trying to watch a TV show but they overlay another show on top of it.

Try StopTheMadness. There is a Pro version, but I use the free one myself. Start with that.


The New Yorker website has a slightly different but equally annoying version of this–random “videos from The New Yorker” that appear in the middle of their online articles. They too are muted but they can’t be closed–all you can do is stop them manually, and like the ones Simon describes they’re unaffected by disabling autoplay & ad blockers. I’m a subscriber, but haven’t (yet?) found a way to turn them off in my account settings either.

I’ve been using the Duck Duck Go Browser under Sonoma and it seems to block a good amount of various videos etc. that come up but I don’t know if it works with your specific content issue. I know I’m using less bandwidth vs. Safari or Firefox (without any add-on blockers) as I’ve compared all three using similar sites so Duck Duck Go is blocking something.

It’s $12. The Pro is $15. I can see no free version.

No it doesn’t. And as I already wrote, it wouldn’t help if it did because the same pages that show these videos (at least in my case) don’t play nice with Reader. In fact, I suspect they’ve been written specifically to prevent people from being able to use Reader to circumvent their audio/visual assault.

I’ve used it for years; I forgot I guess that I paid for it.

Features list suggests that it can help: StopTheMadness on macOS

Whatever the cost, it was worth it for me. I use it mainly to get around sites that prevent pasting text. For example, the MA Dept of Revenue site for paying taxes allows you to pay with routing number and account number, and allow you to paste both. But the account number must be entered twice, and the second field prevents pasting. :roll_eyes: Stop The Madness fixes that, too.


Would ‘Kill Sticky’ help?

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The free Kill Sticky bookmarklet will probably work, though it’s not flawless. You have to click on it after the page starts loading–it’s not automatic (might be able to fix that per site with keyboard maestro). It may not stop the streaming even though the window doesn’t show (that’s more in stop the madness’s line), and it might remove more than you want (just reload the page to get everything back). But it does do a pretty good job at vanishing the abominable stickies. It’s browser independent, and works fine on iThings.

Ooh, in finding the link, I also found a newer somewhat extended variation. Haven’t tried it yet so I can’t say how it compares.

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Thank you.That’s a great start. For the Mac.

Unfortunately, such a JavaScript workaround doesn’t help on iPhone.

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Once you buy it for your Mac it is free to install on your iPhone and iPad. I checked the website on my iPhone and apparently my StopTheMadness Pro blocked the video you describe. I checked on my Mac and StopTheMadness blocked the video. It’s definitely worth $15 to me to have it on all my devices (one-time purchase, not subscription).

From the description on the App Store:

StopTheMadness Pro is a Safari extension that stops websites from making your browser harder to use, and it protects your privacy on the web. With a huge number of unique features, StopTheMadness Pro is one of a kind! Made by indie developer Jeff Johnson. The support link has documentation and my email address.

StopTheMadness Pro is a major update to StopTheMadness Mobile. Previous purchasers of StopTheMadness Mobile can get a discounted upgrade through the StopTheMadness Pro app bundle.

What’s new in StopTheMadness Pro:

• Universal Purchase for iPhone, iPad, and Мас

  • Automatic iCloud sync of settings between all devices
  • Platform-specific settings, so you can have different settings on iPhone, iPad, or Mac while still using iCloud sync

BTW, another feature I really like about StopTheMadness is that it automatically fast-forwards through ads on YouTube. It happens so fast that sometimes I can’t even tell there was an ad.


I just installed StopTheMadness for Sonoma-Safari. I was concerned about the privacy warning from Safari Extensions but the issue is explained on this underpassapp webpage:

Bummer. It used to work. I don’t have enough ios versions available to tell when apple killed it. And it’s not just safari–icab doesn’t give an error message, but it fails.

These mini video windows have been driving me start raving bonkers for the last year (it’s become a fad, I guess). Hugely distracting waste of bandwidth but really, really irritating because it’s so hard to get rid of them.

StopTheMadness Pro.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Its Prefs list is rather daunting but actually shows how many of these little irritating things have been piling up over the years. I’m anxious to see how much my web surfing blood pressure will drop over the next few days. . . .

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:



This post on his blog is more comprehensive:

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Am I correct that StopTheMadness is for Safari only? Or specifically not for Firefox?

The pro version handles Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.


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I have Little Snitch installed (with this blocklist) and used Safari to view the website, and there are no ads or autoplay videos appearing on the browser.

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