Kanban app for Mac

I would like to have a electronic Kanban board for my “tasks / activities”.
(essentially post-it notes on a board – except electronic).
Two key items
– I want it to be an app on my Mac – not a web app.
– I want it just for me – not for a “team”

I have been unable to find such an app that seems to be in good standing.
There are some in the (Mac) App Store
– but they either have no updates in years
or if newer, very few reviews.

Hoping the TidBits team can help me out.



P.S. I know there are ways to make “dedicated web apps”
– but when I tried that for Gmail it didn’t work so well.

Trello has its own desktop app, does that count? I think it does need to be online but it allows you to use it without using your browser.


macOS Monterey still comes with Stickies built in.


Trello is great but the price model may not suit you. I’m a big user of Notion which comes with a free tier and lower priced tiers. It has a Trello-like option which may work for you.

Fan of the Post-It app, can take photographs of actual post-its and recognise them, then edit them, add new, organise them etc. it is free and you may enjoy. Mac and iOS, syncs etc.



Todoist has a board view that works as a Kanban board. It has a free tier.

Miro has a desktop app and features Kanban templates too; however it is mainly built for collaboration and may not be what you are looking for. I mainly use Miro with a browser.


The Tidbits team really nailed it!
4 spot on responses in hours.
Thank you!

First thoughts

Curtis - Todoist desktop app
– downloaded
– I don’t need the data on-line, but I don’t want to have to access by browser.
– I knew about Todoist – lots of good reports out there – but missed the desktop app.

Simon – Stickies
– didn’t even have to download it ;-))
– looks like a contender
– do you know a way to put the notes against a fixed background – some very light color preferably. Slightly distracting to have them come up directly on top of everything else.
– but fantastic that the arrangement use entirely up to the user.


  1. Notion
    – actually found that one just after I posted
    – definitely fits the bill plus has other good functions
    – may have a slightly steeper learning curve as a result

  2. Post-it
    – had to smile
    – write your notes and take a picture – true merger of hand and electron ;-))
    – but does have direct on screen entry as well
    – downloaded

Eng Aun

  1. Todoist
    – downloaded
    – also knew about the web site, but missed the desktop app
    – nice help documents

  2. Miro
    – again – missed the desktop app
    – the sites pushing for teams don’t always make that a prominent item :wink:
    – downloaded and will try
    – their pricing model is either “free” (with limited functions) or per team member – and that cost comes out a bit steeper than sites that do offer an “individual” or “Pro” plan.

Again – A lot of information (much of it new at least to me) and multiple great leads
thank you all – much appreciated.



Try Due. It’s an excellent app.

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Another :+1:t3: for Due. I don’t know anything about Kanban, but I’ve been a dedicated user of Due for years. Works across platforms (macOS/iOS/iPadOS), and while syncing has given me trouble occasionally over the years, the developer is very responsive to inquiries.

You could create a dedicated Desktop space in Mission Control. Use whatever desktop picture (“wallpaper”) you want for that space.


Trello does have it’s own Mac app but the data is not local. I keep my usage (which is still very extensive) low so as not to need to pay for it (which I would not do). If there is a Standalone KANBAN app similar to Trello, I would be interested. Trello started as ideal for me but over the years (being a commercial business app) it has grown in features like a Hydra. I’ll be interested to see what all crops up in the suggestions here.

Wait a minute… How do you create unique desktop backgrounds in spaces? I’ve always assumed desktop backgrounds were only able to be changed on a per-display basis…

Jeff – thank you – great idea and I was able to set up quickly.
– that may in fact be the best solution for me

  • KISS ;-))

– as Jeff indicated use Mission Control to create the new desktop space.
– once in that space go to System Preferences and set the desktop (image / color) to whatever you want.
– that desktop is used in that space
– the other spaces continue to use the desktop (image / color) you gave them


I went to Due.com
Due appears to be essentially an interface to see your list of Reminders with sync across Apple devices. That is clearly useful.

But to my eye – and for others reading this thread – I don’t think Due can provide the structure and functions of a Kanban board.

Just go to the space, find a photo (in a Finder window, for example), right-click on the photo, and choose “Set Desktop Picture” (toward the bottom of the list).

EDIT: Sorry, just noticed @rda already gave you another way to do this (although you do need to drag System Preferences onto the target desktop, if it doesn’t open there automatically). So whichever you prefer.

Thanks to both of you for that tip! Learn something new every day, eh?? :nerd_face::+1:t3:

Hi Bob,

I use Curio (Zengobi Curio - Note Taking, Mind Mapping, Brainstorming) for Kanban-like organisations and also Apple Numbers (or Pages), which has a pretty good drawing environment and I use that to have a device-wide, iCloud Kanban using movable graphical objects that can also have their own notes - very handy. You can design exactly what you want, lock the objects that define the board and away you go.

Both of these are completely under your control and so is the data.



Thanks. Zengobi Curio looks very powerful.
Maybe more than I need – which sometimes means a steep learning curve.
Will give it a trial.

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If you’re looking for more project management than just Kanban, check out [Merlin Project] (https://www.projectwizards.net).

Honest disclaimer: I am the developer of this app. It is available natively for Mac and iPad.



The “complete” application looks to have potentially effective Kanban board
– but the costs is out of my range for an single person shop.

The “Express” app appears to do only the Gantt charts
– I didn’t like them as an employee and am not going to impose it on my self-employed self ;-)))

Offer the Kanban function as a separate app like Express and I would try it in a second.

Will even try it out in beta.


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At the moment, I don’t think we will develop a separate Kanban app alongside Merlin Project. But I will note your vote for it.