Juggling TidBITS Infrastructure Issues

This is my problem as well. If I try to read TidBITS at work I’m stuck with Outlook on a Windows 7 machine. I have to scroll left/right to read each line of text. Using “Zoom” doesn’t help as it merely changes the text size but does nothing for the width of the wrap.

$%&(^%# Outlook… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reports, folks, and I’ll pass along that workaround to @elivz so he can take a look.

Here is a perhaps odd behavior for TidBITS and RSS readers. I use igHome to create a homepage in Safari with links to sites I want to follow (I liked iGoogle until it went away…). igHome uses RSS feeds and “gadgets” to display the sites. I found the RSS feed for TidBits and am using that. The Heading says TidBITS, but if I click on that heading, I get the message “No RSS reader is installed …Safari can’t open Feed:https://tidbits.com/feed because Safari can’t display RSS feeds.” I have other web sites in igHome where this works fine - clicking the heading opens the web page with all the articles listed (such as Daring Fireball, Mac Stories, etc.) I wonder why TidBITS behaves differently - this would be a really handy way to access the complete current TidBits article collection.

Incidentally: is there a way to “paste” in screen images (png files)? I could get that to work.


If you’re talking about in this forum, then yes. If the image is in your clipboard, you can just hit cmd-V (paste) when writing your message in the editor box. If you have an image file, you can hit the upload button in the editor toolbar (here I’m going to hit cmd-V to paste an image of the toolbar):


You can? How do you open the weekly issue in your browser?

You can also drag and drop an image, which is pretty great.

And you can drag it in the 03 middle of text

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Try it in a different browser — when I loaded our RSS feed into igHome, it worked. No images, but that’s a different issue, I think.


I tried that and got a long list of letters, numbers and symbols - not the images I wanted.


I tried that in Chrome and got the source code.


Ah, I understand now. What’s happening is that igHome is using the RSS feed as the link behind the TidBITS heading in its box. Since Safari can’t handle RSS feeds, it throws an error, and since Chrome displays them as code, it does that.

Nothing we can do about igHome’s behavior, I’m afraid.

Hi there Adam,

For the most part I really like your new, 21st-century site (and components). It takes some getting used to, but everything new does.

As for the “information density” issue, I agree with you. If you pack everything into a smaller space, it will look cluttered and clunky. As things stand now, I really don’t see a problem in this regard.

–Phil V.

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When you are reading the weekly issue, go to “Actions” in the “Move” tab. You will see “View in Browser” as an option.

Not sure what you are using to read the weekly issue, but I do not see an action nor a move tab.

I thought you meant you were able to open the weekly issue in it’s own view from tidbits.com, but the “issue” page only shows summaries.

Not as of yesterday sometime! Now there’s a Show Full Articles link on the right side of the issue page, which loads the full text of all the articles in the issue.


I access TidBits via Feedbin in Chrome under OS X High Sierra. The behavior of the site since your upgrade has been perfect. I only faced a problem with my password when I went to log directly into the site. Apparently the new parameters are different than the old password requirements. Once my password was reset, everything works fine.

Other than that, I’m all good.

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I am impressed with the new site. Athena-like emerging full-grown from the old TidBits. But I was disappointed at the lack of a serif font. Robin Williams (you know who I mean) would not approve. A serif font would be a nice touch for the Jobs’ quotes and perhaps some other places. Maybe you can even use a different font for each quote.

That’s a good idea! Honestly, I was moving so fast when I made the first couple Jobs quotes that I just used something familiar.

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For myself I’d never participated at all, but I do now. Again, because of Discourse.

In fact, it’s inspired me to create my own install of Discourse for a different community.


The other huge benefit, in my opinion, is that the previous split between comment articles and article threads in TidBITS Talk was irritating. I tended to comment on the article as I wanted it to remain ‘attached’. But a lot of interesting discussion went on ‘behind the scenes’ on TB Talk (which over the past 18 months I’ve missed out on).

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