Discourse topic scrolling and linking

(@lbutlr) #1

So, not sure if this is the best thread to post this in, but today when loading threads I am not getting the thread loaded at the point of a new message, but rather at the top of this thread.

For example, in this thread Adam’s post above was the only new one, but I had to scroll through all the other posts to get to it, but it’s happened on all the threads I’ve loaded in the last 10 minutes…

Juggling TidBITS Infrastructure Issues
(Adam Engst) #2

If you start at the top of a Discourse topic with a number of replies and then scroll down, you can see the post number incrementing at the end of the URL in the address bar. That’s how you can link into a specific post in the middle of a thread (clicking the chain/link button under the message gets you that link).

Discourse Link Button/Dialog

So one of the reasons you can end up in the “wrong” place is if you follow a URL that has a post specified that’s higher up than you’ve read, or even has no post specified at all.

PS: I moved this post out of a different topic, which is why you can see the link to Juggling TidBITS Infrastructure Issues right under the initial post. Discourse has some truly lovely admin features for keeping things on topic.

(@lbutlr) #3

Yeah, I was just clicking the topic in the main talk.tidbits.com page out of the “not almost-white text on white background” list of new topics.

(Joseph) #4

For the record, this morning I’ve had it jumping to the latest post I haven’t read yet when I click into the topic from the main page.

(@lbutlr) #5

Yes, it is working for me today as well. Dunno what is up.