Is it just my area or does Weather's precipitation map suck?

So I’ve observed, that at least in my area, when it rains the new precipitation map usually ends up not charting the area I’m actually in and most likely interested in. Below are a screenshot from my iPhone 12 mini (16.3.1) as well a my 14" MBP (13.2.1). No mater how much I zoom in or zoom out, the area closest to where I am, is not being plotted — note the diagonal gray lines indicating no data. This has happened pretty much every single time it has rained in the last two months. I cannot move around on the map or find a zoom level that would let me see what’s going on anywhere remotely close to where I actually live.

Anybody else seeing this? It’s a bit odd because DarkSky never had this issue with precipitation charting in the Bay Area. And I would have thought that’s where Apple got it from.

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I’ve seen this (I’m in new england). Sometimes the data fills in; sometimes it fills in faster if I let the animation run. Zooming out while the animation runs also helps. Also changing from next hour forecast to 12 hour forecast helps.

I’ve seen this complain several times on Reddit recently. I’m thinking it needs an update, or Apple’s servers that run this do.


Yep I see this all the time (I’m in Las Vegas). It also seems that the rain prediction is less accurate than what Dark Sky provided. There is a feedback option on the iPhone and I have twice send in feedback about errors (Weather says it is raining and the sun is shining brightly or it is raining and Weather says clear sky). I can sometimes get the map to correct by zoom in and out, but mostly it just fails.


Maybe they are cutting back on the costs of generating live predictions. I hope the bean counters don’t realise that, on average, weather predictions would be 80% accurate if they simply predicted it would be the same as yesterday!

Bug reported.

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This happens to me all the time in Portland, OR, but it worked in the past. I don’t know when the problem started, but the precipitation map (recent & future) is basically unusable in Apple’s Weather app on my iPhone SE (2022). The temperature map works fine; I don’t know what’s so special about the precipitation map that causes this.

Yeah, same here. Temp and air quality maps are great. It’s just precipitation that consistently fails in the exact spot I’m curious about. :laughing:

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Apple weather is a poor substitute for Dark Sky…a very poor one. I use it anyway along with Carrot and mostly I’m happy, but it’s still not as good a combo as Dark Sky was on it’s own.

My thoughts in the dark sky thread

Note this is here not about accuracy of data. It’s about data not even being plotted.

Yes, this is what I was (not) seeing. Raining outside and the local weather app was showing storms but the Apple weather app showed nothing.

Same issue here. I’ve given up and bookmarked the NWS radar for my area. Free, accurate. I remember that it took me a lot of fiddling with their many options to get what I wanted and omit what I didn’t want. So, if it helps anyone reverse engineer settings for their own locale, here is my link for the New York City area with my preferred settings. NWS Radar

similar experience in japan. said it was a cloudy day yet looking out the window it was pissing down with rain. checked their map. it was zoomed out to show most of east asia. zooming in, there was no radar data at all. [thumbs up 絵文字 here]

excuse the obvious rant but it’s typical broken apple software. for such a rich corpse, they sure seem unable to either hire competent coders or write decent code. or both.

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When you look at the radar when you open the app before tapping it, it’s obviously right (at least it has been in my experience). This is clearly some sort of bug and it’s too bad that Apple doesn’t update stock apps without a full iOS version update process, because this would be the perfect example of using the App Store to update a stock app.

Or they could have just used one of the three dot updates they’ve issued so far. This has after all been broken since iOS 16 came out.

It’s one thing that Apple releases such blatant bugs in plain sight despite all the beta testing and other hoopla they like to brag about. It’s another that they then can’t be bothered to fix it.

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I can’t rely on the official Apple app for rain or snow; it’s useless. I’ve been usung the Natinal Weather Service Web site.

I’ve noticed that the Weather app map works better on my iPad. Most of the problems I see are on the Mac.


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That’s interesting. I’d say see pretty much the same issue on my Macs as on my iPhone.

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I saw this problem occasionally with Dark Sky, whose quality deteriorated over time after the Apple purchase. But sadly, this kind of problem isn’t unusual when a big corporation buys a little one to either stop the competition or fill in a gap.

I forgot to mention this, but some enterprising soul reverse-engineered Dark Sky and its weather sources, and made a website called Merry Sky
Here for instance:

I saved the bookmark to my iOS homescreen, and while it is not quite the same as Dark Sky pre-Apple, it’s still pretty good, better than Apple’s Weather app, at least so far, for me…