iPhone 13 Brings Evolutionary Improvements: A15 Bionic Chip, Improved Cameras, and Better Displays 

Same problem on my iPhone 11 Pro. Grumble… stupid HTML tables. OK, I’ve fixed it now by wrapping the table in:

<div style="overflow-x:auto;">TABLE HERE</div>

@jcenters, let’s try to remember this for the next time we do a table.

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Thank you, that fixed it.

One thing that is still not nice, is that there is zero indication this is a scrollable table. Granted, that is not your fault. In general I have difficulty with this in iOS. Right now, the table gets truncated at exactly 256 GB. Here, I of course know there has to be more content to the right of that and I try to scroll. But in general, if you are not familiar with the matter, how would you ever know you’re only seeing part of it? Again, not directed at you, this is really much more a criticism of the way iOS fails to indicate there’s more content that can be reached by scrolling.

It might not be that gloomy. In terms of GPU it seems to be quite the riot.

Metal has the 13 Pro at 14216, compared to the 9123 score of the 12 Pro. Now even if we were to assume this was just due to the increased core count of the GPU (the A15 in the Pro has 5 GPU cores, one more than the 13 and 12 family), this would still have the regular 13 at +25% compared to the 12 Pro.

Extra good news is the new iPad mini has the same 5-core GPU A15 as the iPhone 13 Pro. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, this is a general problem with HTML tables and small screens. There are a variety of suggestions for how to deal with this problem, but some of them get pretty complicated.

And CPU benchmarks are in. +10%/+18% over iPhone 12’s A14 in single/multicore.

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I have the iPhone X and am thinking of upgrading. But what does this “6x optical zoom” part mean?

From iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max - Apple

  • 3x optical zoom on Telephoto for closer close-ups
  • 6x optical zoom range across the system for more framing options than ever

Is there truly 6x optical zoom?

And is the optical zoom the same on both the Pro and Pro Max?

Never mind. I get it. There is also a 2x optical zoom out, so 3 x 2 = 6.

I think they mean an overall range of 0.5x (wide) to 3x (tele). Any zoom beyond 3x is pixel manipulation, as is any zoom but 0.5, 1.0, or 3.0.

To answer this, yes. The camera systems on the Pro and Pro Max are identical with this year’s phones.