iOS 13.2.2 Stops Killing Background Apps

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If you thought we might get through a week without Apple frantically fixing bugs in its operating systems, well, think again. The iOS 13.2.2 and iPadOS 13.2.2 updates fix the issue that made background apps quit prematurely.

I’ve been having all manner of fun and games since I updated to 13.2. Overcast stopped downloading new podcasts, Ulysses wasn’t synching, and Duolingo was unable to start any lessons. Restarting my iPad Mini 4 would sometimes fix things, sometimes not. 13.2.2 has restored some sanity at last.

Seriously, how did 13.2 get through QA at Apple??

they haven’t fixed the bug that causes the ios13 music player to clear its playlist when the phone is synced to the computer. this is a particularly annoying bug as i’ve always hopped into my car expecting my tunes to continue from whatever was playing last now to be confronted with a blank playlist.

as has been noted on these virtual pages, it’s quite unbelievable just how buggy all the 2019 releases have been. senior management appears to be oblivious, too. perhaps its time to write some letters/emails to

I had the usual problem after the 13.2.2 update - my iPhone showed “No service” and I had to restart it twice to connect to Telstra 3/4G. I have a passcode on my SIM (an old habit) and wonder if that is causing this problem. My bet is that Apple engineers do not test software updates on phones with the SIM locked. Or else it is something to do with the Telstra?

I doubt that it has to do with SIM lock. My iPhone XR under iOS 12 through 13.2 frequently fails to make or receive calls on both the physical and the electronic SIMs. A reboot fixes the problem, but I don’t know that I have it unless I try to make a call; I can’t know what calls I’m NOT receiving! I have an open ticket on this, but they cannot reproduce at will, so…I’m stuck! Meanwhile, Software Update says my iOS 13.2 is up to date?!?! Tried again, and now it shows 13.2.2. Can you say B-U-G-G-Y?! Good grief, Tim Cook, get with the program!

iOS 13.2.2 release notes use 3 different terms to say how the release deals with bugs: “fixes,” “resolves,” and “addresses.” What’s the difference? “Fixes” seems pretty clear. Is “resolves” a little less fixed than “fixes”? And “addresses” sounds like it touches on the problem, but neither “fixes” nor “resolves” it. Am I missing some subtlety here?

No, Apple just varies the wording. Those of us who write about these releases tend to do the same thing because it’s mind-numbing to read constant repetitions of the same words. :slight_smile:

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Since installing iOS 13.2.2, I’ve been afflicted with the bug, ‘A software update is required to connect to <Derek’s iPhone X>.’ There are three buttons at the bottom of this dialog box. ‘Learn More’ takes me to an Apple webpage, which does NOT help me learn more, and talks about the warning appearing on my iPhone or iPad. It appears on my Mac. ‘Not Now’ is an option that works, in a way that doesn’t solve the problem. ‘Install’ will probably install something, but I would like to know what, before I do it.

I called AppleCare, and spent twenty minutes with a support specialist who finally concluded that he couldn’t tell me anything more. Searching the web brings up pages about this problem from as early as iOS 11. Several suggest the need to install Xcode on the Mac. I didn’t find any that were both recent and relevant. I’m running Mojave with all the updates, but I’m not ready to update to Catalina. Is my iPhone locked out from my Mac until I’m ready to move to Catalina? Or is there some other unnamed piece of software that will install under Mojave, and reenable communication between my devices?

This page may explains:

And it was covered on tidbits talk about a year ago:

It’s fine - it’s an update to the mobile device connection modules of iTunes. Why it wasn’t included as part of an iTunes update I don’t think anybody has ever explained or discovered.

A revised version is always posted when there’s new iDevice hardware introduced. The latest was on Oct 22nd, which did coincide with the iTunes posting. I suspect it comes from a different engineering group associated with Device support.

Thank you, Doug and Al. I’m very glad to get the information that I was looking for from you, which wasn’t available from my AppleCare call. It’s very hard to compose the right search query, whether on TibBITS or the web, to find the relevant article on something like this. As I said, I’m using an iPhone X, so it hasn’t been new hardware for two years, and I’ve been on Mojave for quite a few months. It seems to be the iOS 13.2.2 software update that triggered the problem, in my case.

These updates are not based on whether or not you have a new device, they are automatically updated for everybody when a new device is first shipped. There were actually two updates in the month of October alone, so you shouldn’t be surprised the next time it happens.