Syncing new iPad Pro using iOS 13.2.2 with iTunes

Just bought a new iPad Pro 11 inch this week. It came with ios 12.4 (most up to date version installed). I use a 2009 Mac Pro updated and running High Sierra. I use iTunes for backing up my iPad and iPhone.

I plugged it into my Mac Pro and it linked right away to my copy of iTunes. It asked if I wanted to update to 13.2.2 to start- but I decided to update the files using a backup of my iPad Air 2 and not update to the new IOS right away. It worked just fine- everything finally got downloaded to the new iPad Pro 11 inch.

The next day I updated to 13.2.2 using my WiFi. Updated just fine- everything just looks better with the new IOS software in place.

NOW THE PROBLEM- I wanted to upload a lot more of my music files from iTunes to my new iPad now that I have 250 GB of storage available. Plugging the new iPad into my Mac Pro with iTunes ready will just not mount the iPad image onto my copy of iTunes. Even after some restarts when the software asks the “do you trust this computer” question and even though I see that my Mac Pro knows that the Ipad is connected- no good. The link just does not appear so I can perform a backup of my new iPad with the updated IOS 13.2.2 installed and I can’t add any of the additional music files from my Mac Pro iTunes app. I sure don’t want to pay to use iCloud for backup.

What gives?

My guess is that this is not related to iOS 13.2.2 specifically but just iOS 13, and that the problem is that you’re trying to sync back to iTunes in High Sierra but you don’t have the necessary update to iTunes that makes it possible. Downloading and reinstalling iTunes may fix it, but this article explains the situation in more detail.


Well, it took me a long time to get about doing this update but today I finally did it and it worked great. Thanks so much for the information.

Jim Nash

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