In iOS 16, why do notifications disappear?

Really the only difference from prior versions is when the phone is unlocked and you pull down to open notification center. Prior to 16, if you had older notifications, they showed up. Now that action is consistent with the lock screen as it has been for a while - notifications you haven’t seen yet will show, but the rest are not shown until you gesture up (from anywhere other than the home screen bar).

I get not liking it. But, now you know. Like many things in iOS, nothing is universally liked, and sometimes we have to train ourselves differently from before.

You can try Apple feedback to let them know you don’t like it. But there’s no option to make it like it was before. At least not now.

I would sum it up as “notifications are for people who don’t really care if they get their notifications or not.” It seems to have been redesigned for people who don’t want to be bothered by notifications clogging up their screen.

I have the opposite problem. No matter what I do, Siri keeps suggesting the same thing over and over (and OVER) again. It has decided I must become aware of a specific note in the Notes app. Same one. Non stop. Can’t get rid of it.

My issue is that notifications under the summary are not clickable - youtube videos - messages from mail etc etc - none of the notifications below the summary do anything but show you they were there before the summary but once the summary comes up they are no longer actionable - only the notifications in the summary work - nothing below it does!

Something is wrong on your system then. Mine are all simply notifications that act like notifications always have.

I’m using an XS Max w iOS 16 - they worked normal before - all notifications were actionable - after 16 they are until summary comes up - then nothing below the summary is actionable - only delete! I will try turning summary off and report back but I think it’s either the summary or the age of the phone or both - maybe it wasn’t beta tested on my device since it’s almost 7 years old?

I doubt it has anything to with the the hardware. And fwiw the XS came out in 2018, just four years ago.

And I can confirm that I get summaries and the notifications below the summary in notification center can still be tapped to open the relevant app.

I have an older iPhone X that I keep as a just in case backup. I’ll try installing 16 on that and test with that later and let you know what happens on that device.

So, this is on the iPhone X. It doesn’t show what I did, but in this case I tapped the ESPN notification to see if it opened the ESPN app.

Since turning off summaries - the notifications are tiled and usable - not posted as older notifications under the summary that can only be deleted - they are grouped like they should be and usable - so - appears a bug in summaries on my device