In iOS 16, why do notifications disappear?

What is interesting is that some apps - messages and reminders, for example - have a notification setting called “time sensitive” that is described as keeping a notification on the lock screen for one hour, which is probably what you want. But, Mail notifications do not have that setting.

It might be because Mail added the “remind me” feature on a per-message basis? (Swipe right on a message to expose this.) But that may be a bug.

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If we for a moment assume this is not a bug, it indicates Apple is siding with many-notifications users.

I see fundamentally two main groups: some have a gazillion notifications and they don’t turn them off because of FOMO or ignorance or laziness or whatever. So they wrestle with their devices and the overload from the constant onslaught of messages and interruption. Apple’s changes to notifications with iOS 15 and now 16 seem to indicate they are trying to help with that uphill battle. The other group tries to minimize interruptions by reducing the number of notifications that can come in in the first place. Most of my apps are not allowed to bug me, with very few exceptions like phone. Not showing all notifications in one location at a single glance (as most useful to those who minimize notifications to really important stuff), indicates Apple is willing to sacrifice group 2’s convenience in order to assist group 1 in their battle against constant influx and interruption.

Personally, I don’t like it, but TBH I’d be surprised if Apple weren’t siding with the vast majority of their users on this one. The minimalists I’m certain are a minority.

If the app notification is set to persistent and you have to slide up to see it after a while why is that not a bug?

It’s not the notification in notification center that is persistent - it’s the banner at the top that appears when you have the device powered on.


As mentioned earlier, “time sensitive” is the key to understanding what’s going on. The other notifications aren’t lost or vanished, they’re just “below the fold” (to borrow a newspaper analogy).

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Even the persistent ones are disappearing below the fold. How can that not be a bug? What is persistent supposed to mean?

I explained persistent above. It’s persistent banners, not persistent notifications in notification center or the lock screen.

It’s not really explained well here, but as this photo says, you can change the banner style (that thing on the right in the illustration above the item that says banner style) from temporary (so it shows up for a few seconds and then slides away on its own) to persistent (so it stays on the screen until you tap it or swipe it away.) The banners only appear when the phone’s display is on and the phone is unlocked. I believe that reminders are persistent by default, I think calendar is also. (If they are, I turned them both off.)

To get semi-persistent notifications in notification center or the lock screen, you need to turn on “time sensitive notifications”. That’s something that mail notifications lack.

For your use case, perhaps server issues are best reported as messages, which can be set to be time sensitive. Fwiw, many cellular carriers have what are called email gateways, so you can send an email to a specific address (for Verizon, it is nnnnnnnnnn at vtext dot com, where nnnnnnnnnn is your cell phone number.)

Here is a list of some of those gateways: List of mobile carrier gateway addresses

None in Japan, where I believe you are, but you could check your carrier’s support to see if they have one.

I use iCloud email just for those notifications because it is push notification, and also because I don’t use it for anything else.

But it seems that all the notifications are just drifting away from the lock screen now. And also from the home screen (when pulling down). Messages as well, so that wouldn’t help.

I was fine with the way it was before because if there were annoying notifications I could just “x” it away.

Sorry, but I don’t get what you mean when you are explaining persistent banners vs temporary banners. The banners are the horizontal notifications that appear on the lock screen I thought. Those are disappearing though, unless I slide up from the center area of the lock screen.

Anyway, if this isn’t a bug, it is (to me) a very counter-intuitive and unhelpful change.

Messages have the option for “time sensitive”, so they stay on the Lock Screen and notification center for one hour, even if you’ve already seen them.

No, they are not. Banners are what appears at the top of the screen when you are actively using the phone. So, say you are using your phone, reading something in Safari. You get an email message push alert as you are reading. This shows up as a banner at the top of the screen, assuming that you have banners turned on.

If the phone’s display is off or the phone is locked, banners do not appear.

I see. So what are the notifications you normally just see on the locked screen, and when pulling down on the home screen called? Is there no control over those any more? They just fade away unless you check on them by pulling up on the lock screen now?

Note that after pulling up on the lock screen they do appear when sliding down on the home screen as well - until your screen is turned off. Then they are gone.

Also, I turned banner to persistent for Messenger earlier today. I just got a Messenger message, but it is not appearing at the top of the screen even though I’m actively using the phone. It’s appearing when I slide down from the top though. But if I turn off my screen (tap the power button once) and turn it on again, it’s gone from both the lock screen and the home screen. Banner is gone too.,

Agh! This new system is so crazily confusing!

The bottom line for me is this: the purpose of a notification is to notify you. So what’s the point in hiding them?

Not sure why that’s happening. Note, however, that there is nothing new about banners and being able to make them temporary or persistent - that’s been in iOS for a while now.

This is obviously showing an older version of iOS, but it explains what banners are:

They are called notifications (when the screen is unlocked) and lock screen notifications (when the phone is locked). Yes, there is some control over them. You can make some of them time sensitive, as already discussed. Also in Settings / Notifications, at the very top, you can set them to count (which just shows a count of notifications at the bottom of the screen, though time sensitive notifications will still show - you can then swipe up to see them in a stack); or in a stack or list, and I think the illustration there shows exactly what those two do.

You can also have apps show in scheduled summaries at specific times of the day - that was added in iOS 15 last year. I have several notifications set to summary.

And they reappear when you slide back up again.

Any new notifications will show on the lock screen when you power on the display or slide down to open the lock screen (with the exception if you have that setting I mentioned above set to count.)

The notifications that you say are hiding are notifications that you have already seen. You’ve seen them, so now they are de-prioritized. You can always see them again (until you tap them or clear them) by sliding up on the lock screen, even if you have “Display As” in Settings / Notifications set to count.

Well, I didn’t get a notification of a new shared Photo this morning. I wouldn’t have noticed it at all if the indicator didn’t show up as on the Photos app on my Mac. Until now it always appeared on my iPhone. And it wasn’t there when sliding up either. It’s there on my iPad right now too, on the lock screen. And doesn’t disappear even though I’ve already seen it there.

And I am definitely seeing items when sliding up that I did not see before.

I will bet anything the new notifications system is buggy.

Another iOS 16 notifications question.

There is currently 1 notification hidden away on the lock screen.

If I’m on the home screen, is there any way I can see it with one gesture?

If I slide down from the top of the home screen I see the lock screen. Then I must slide up from the center and I see the notification.

Is there any way I can do it in one move?


The fundamental UX issue I see here is that there is no indicator that any notifications exist ‘below the screen’. So a user would have to manually swipe up every time just to check, which is clearly wasteful if there are no notifications there.

On occasion, iOS16 does show a notifier right at the bottom saying ‘x new notifications’, but I haven’t explored when this happens or why it doesn’t happen all the time.

Just poor UX.

Yes, I agree. It’s poor user interface design. There should at least be an indicator on the lock screen. I tried the “count” option but even that doesn’t leave an indication that you need to swipe. And while previously I could just swipe down from the top of my home screen, now I have to (1) swipe down from my home screen and (2) swipe up from the middle of my lock screen (two gestures in two separate directions) just to find the notifications - if there are any. There’s no indicator that there are waiting.

What on earth were they thinking?

Notification Center is always below the screen, so it’s sort of like Today View (swipe right on the Home screen) or the App Library (swipe left on the last Home screen) and the like. You have to learn it’s there once, but then it’s always there, so persistent UI indication might be overkill. (On the other hand iOS 16 puts a Search button at the bottom of the Home screen now, whereas that was always just a hidden swipe down before.)

When there are too many active notifications on the Lock screen, they do stack with indents at the bottom to indicate that some are hidden.

I must admit that I’m having trouble following this discussion. I’ve not noticed any problems with notifications not appearing on the Lock screen since upgrading to iOS 16. The ones I expect are there, the ones I don’t expect aren’t.

The point is simply that there is no way to know if there are or aren’t notifications hidden below the screen.

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Right, but at least in my experience, there are always notifications down there unless the user has gone to the extra effort of tapping the X button next to Notification Center, at which point they already know there are notifications there.

I agree that it’s not as discoverable as it would be if there were an onscreen indication of it, but it’s not new and iPhone users have become pretty accustomed to swiping up, down, left, and right on the screen to see what’s out of sight, even without a hint.