If you're doing Zoom on an iPad Pro, what are good wireless earphones?

Interesting. Weird looking, but interesting. :slight_smile:

Almost invisible in use.

These are “bone conducting” headphones. They’re designed to pass audio to your ears via the bones in your head and not via the air. So third parties can’t hear anything and they don’t block your normal hearing.

Techmoan reviewed two different such devices (both from Aftershokz) over the years:

The Trekz Air, reviewed January 2019: AfterShokz Bone Conducting Headphones - Trekz Air REVIEW - YouTube. This model is discontinued, but the video also does a great job of explaining how bone conducting headphones work and why you might want to use them

The Aeropex, reviewed November 2019: Aeropex REVIEW - The latest Bone Conducting Headphones from Aftershokz - YouTube

With AfterShokz headphones does the strap or band around the back of the head interfere with putting your head back in a recliner or car seat with headrest?

No new AirPods were announced on 9/14! So … hmm… wondering what to do. I’m thinking of maybe the AirPod Pro. Or this other one people recommended: Model Y | True Wireless TWS Earbuds – ADV.

I wonder if you can access controls for that via the Watch, like you can with an AirPod.