If you're doing Zoom on an iPad Pro, what are good wireless earphones?

The Jabra Evolve 75 UC Wireless is a lightweight (6.3 ounces) headset with good active noise cancellation. Whenever you switch them on, they tell you how long the battery lasts; at full charge, in my case it is 14 hours. A full charge takes approximately two hours, but since it is easy to put them on the stand to recharge between Zoom sessions, they tend to be always charged. The quality of the mic is excellent. It can be connected effortlessly with two bluetooth devices (my iPhone and iPad) and with a Mac (via a provided USB dongle) at the same time! It works perfectly with Siri and music controls. They fold flat. As far as I can remember, the main difference among different models is whether they support natively commands for MS Skype (which I don’t use).
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It’s good it folds flat. My current cheap SoundPeats don’t, which is annoying. Of course that entire kit takes up a lot of space too. The weight is about the same as my SoundBeats. I wonder what the 65 weighs.

I’d like to see pictures of people wearing them to get an idea of how distracting they are.

They seem really great for Zoom meetings. And also probably for long airplane flights to drown out the noise (if I ever take a flight again!).

They might be a bit much for dog walks. Do you use them when out and about as well?


I use the Jabra Evolve 75 UC Wireless headset exclusively with Zoom and MS Teams. For my daily walks with my dog Bruno I use my EarPods.

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My way of thinking has come 180 degrees around.

Today I decided to drop by Yodobashi Camera in Kinshicho (a major electronics store in Tokyo) and check things out.

First I tried on the AirPods Pro. I was immediately surprised by how comfortable they were. The next thing that surprised me was that they completely blocked out all outside noise. I couldn’t even hear the salesman talking. I understand now the active noise cancelation was enabled and there is a “transparent” mode that lets in outside sound, like with the regular earpods that come with the iPhone. Obviously if you are outside on dog walks or driving you would want to be in transparent mode.

They only had one Jabra there - the 85. It’s nice, but I decided if I need long-time over-the-ear listening (like on a 14 hour flight) my inexpensive SoundPeats are ok. Though they don’t have noise cancelation. The thing is, the AirPod Pro is so light and non-distracting it just seems easy to use. The battery life is more than enough for zoom calls and dog walks. And it would be good for train rides too. It would be nice if it quickly recharged for long flights though.

Basically, since I found them (to my surprise) to be comfortable. And since they don’t look so weird anymore with the shorter stem, they seemed easier to deal with than a whole set of things.

I’m worried about whether they will fall out or not. But I’m thinking of trying them and if I’m not satisfied during the 14 day return period I’ll just send them back to Apple. Or maybe Amazon has them cheaper with a longer return policy.

Yodobashi only had one Jabra - and it wasn’t the 75 or 65. It was the 85, which I’m not really familiar with. But like I said, my way of thinking has come around to something smaller and more portable like the AirPod Pro.

I’ll let you know how it goes! I may change my mind completely and go for the Jabra 75 instead for the longer battery life, if I can find a way of trying them, or if I find a place that sells them with a good return policy.


The assumption is that the battery will not be able to hold a charge (or won’t hold a large-enough charge) after the device gets that old. And Apple AirPod batteries are not replaceable - there’s pretty much no way to get the old ones out with destroying the device.

Actually there is a way but I think very few people or shops will have the necessary skills to pull off this procedure.

Unfortunately, this is a problem with all wireless earbuds, although some are easier than others.

There’s also Podswap:

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Isn’t there a monthly AppleCare+ plan you can subscribe to to take care of that?



Based on the info provided by an Apple support chat just now I will not purchase AirPod Pro because (1) the AppleCare+ warranty cannot be extended after 2 years with a monthly subscription (like with iPhone and even my Series 1 Watch!), (2) the battery cannot be replaced under repair services, and (3) I heard the battery starts going bad after two years.

It’s just not worth even thinking about for that price.

Or for half the price.

It doesn’t make sense.

I’m starting my thinking all over again.

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Yes, Apple has been making it possible to use a monthly plan for more and more devices they sell. I’ve converted over to monthly for all my Apple purchases. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there were such a plan for AirPods Pro. Also note @ace post on Podswap.

Unfortunately there is no such plan for the AirPod Pro. I chatted with their sales support today and asked. They don’t even have a for-fee battery replacement program. Too strange I think. I even have a monthly AppleCare+ plan for my Series 1 Apple Watch for $2.49/month!

Hold on a minute!

According to this page - AirPods and AirPods Case Replacement - Official Apple Support - you can replace batteries in the AirPod Pro for $49 each. And I confirmed that in a chat just now. So the advisor yesterday was incorrect.

If that is the case, it’s not too bad. And since that service is available, why make use of that “trade in for 50% of the price and get a refurbished” set? Why not just get your batteries replaced when needed?

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The ADV model Y also seems to be highly recommended. Model Y | True Wireless TWS Earbuds – ADV.

Yes, Apple (and other company) agents can be wrong — only as good as their training and diligence. It’s a good practice that you were diligent in checking further.

Please do continue to post on your journey. I’m interested in what you’ll decide on and why. I’ll be sharing your info at HMUG tomorrow morn.

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Probably depends on the turn-around time. If you can’t wait for the battery replacement repair, the refurbished path will get you something you can use immediately.


I believe the refurbishing company that was mentioned requires you to send in your AirPod first usually and that an exception was made for the test case in the article.

Anyway, there seems to be a lot of misinformation out there about battery replacements for the AirPods. Even some Apple sales people don’t have the right info. But you can see it on the page I linked. And I confirmed that it was true. After the 2 year AppleCare+ warranty, if your battery is no longer good, you can simply replace it for $49.

Some people seem to to think that only the AirPod Max lets you get batteries replaced. But it turns out that’s just not true.

I guess I’ll wait and see what comes out on the 14th before deciding.

I’m also looking at the ADV Model Y, which is only $60 and has great reviews. No active sound cancelation though. And I don’t know how comfortable they are.

I’ve had a variety of Jabra headsets and ear phones over the years and they have all been very good. It is a company I will happily do business with.

Sort of related to this thread, I find myself owning Apple AirPods, Apple AirPods Pro and Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds.

For conversation for me, the Airpods are the best, because you don’t get that booming sound through your skull bones when you talk like you do with in ear pods. For everything else, it’s either the Airpods Pro of Jabra 75t. AirPods pro have better active noise cancellation and can connect to more than two devices at a time (Mac, iPad, iPhone).

I think the Jabra have better controls and sit better inside your ear, which means you can wear earmuffs while mowing the lawn over the top, but it seems they can only connect to two devices. On the phone, they both are acceptable (compared to the standard airpods).

I also have Bose noise cancelling headphones, which are excellent, except for the fact my glasses ripped up multiple sets of ear cushions…


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What do you mean by the Jabra sitting better inside you ear? Isn’t it over the ear headsets?

no, I was referring to the Active 75t, which are in-ear. I know the original jabra recommendation in the thread was for over ear, I’m just piping up for in-ear (which I use), if others are interested.

I see. I’ll have to check those out too.

I’ve been using the Aftershokz Air with pleasure for over a year on lots of Zoom meetings. Light as a feather, work by bone conduction so they’re neither in nor over the ear. Last about 5-6 hours on a charge. Sound quality quite good–I use them for music teaching without complaint. Built-in microphone quite acceptable, though for music I use a stand-alone mike of much better quality. I haven’t read any of those reports, so don’t know what they say, but I and several friends swear by these.

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