If you're doing Zoom on an iPad Pro, what are good wireless earphones?

My 2021 iPad Pro 11-inch doesn’t have an headset socket. For listening to music I could get just about any wireless earplugs or wireless headset. But for talking, like in Zoom meetings, you need something that works without noticeable delay.

Any recommendations? It might be nice if it also worked with my iPhone.

I have never really liked something stuck in my ears. But considering portability, I might go that way too if they are comfortable.

Something that lasts a long international flight (i.e. 14 hours from Tokyo to Boston) would be nice as well.

Following the advise of Wirecutter
I use the Jabra Evolve 75 UC Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

I can not be happier. They last 14 hours, they have a charging stand, they are foldable and have a rigid pouch making them highly portable


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Jabra makes great equipment, but it isn’t cheap. Once you’re looking in those price ranges, consider Apple gear as well. AirPods include a microphone, so you can use them for conferencing.

My wife listens to music using the not-too-expensive Beats Flex earbuds.

Note, however, that I have no personal experience conferencing with either of these. If you can’t try them out in an Apple Store, you may want to wait for someone else here to express an opinion or go look for some reviews.

Looking for reviews of these products for zoom calls, the first hits I found were:

Also, note that you can use anything with a USB-C connection (or USB-A, with an adapter), but it may be uncomfortable to work with an iPad with a cable poking out the bottom.

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The new Twelve South StayGo Mini Hub adds a standard headphone jack. I’ve only had mine a few days, but it’s fantastic so far. It comes with a nice USB-C cable so you an (optionally) not have it hanging out the port on the iPad. StayGo mini USB-C Hub – Twelve South

I compared the AirPods and AirPods Pro here—I think you might prefer the AirPods if you don’t like things stuck in your ears. Neither would last 14 hours without recharging though.

And @julio compared a bunch of options from Apple/Beats here:

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One thing to consider is how long and how frequent the Zoom meetings will be as earbuds can trap moisture in your ears, which can encourage the growth of bacteria. I used AirPod Pros for teaching my class, which met twice a week for about 3 hours, resulting in a mild case of swimmer’s ear, which cleared up on its own once I realized the connection and stopped using the AirPods.

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I find the AirPods Pro great for Zoom. Had four hours (….) meeting today, no issues.

One thing to note is that the latest iPad Pro has a very good mic. While it’s handy having the AirPods mic, you may not need it for a quality input and it would probably be fine with just headphones.

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My observation of many virtual newscast interviews is that most of the interviewees are using some flavor of AirPod. The interviewer is wearing their standard studio earpiece.

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Stupidly expensive adapter from Anker, but I am perfectly content to continue using all my acquired pairs of Apple wired Lightning EarPods; the sound and comfort is great for me with silicon in-ear hooks/jackets by Far End Gear; all my participants say I sound great.

Anker USB-C to Lightning Audio…

When I am in need of superior sound isolation, I use the $9 Apple USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter, with my RHA T20i; the same adapter allows me to use what ever headset or headphones I like; with an additional splitter, I can even use dedicated analog mic and ‘phones/speakers.



I forgot to add that you’ll never convince me it’s worth spending over $250 on a pair of wireless earbuds you will have to throw away in as little as two years, if you use earbuds as much as I do all day long, and then spend another $250 on another one-size-fits-all short-lived solution — again and again.

I would far rather spend $250 one time on a superior set of earbuds or headphones that will last decades.

I predict that when Apple finally kills the lightning port on the iPhone, it will not have a USB-C port, either; at that point I will buy a Bluetooth to 3.5 mm pocket/clip adapter and continue to use my superior headphones.

Well, heck, I wish this would’ve been available last November.

Still stupidly expensive, but it does solve a frequent problem when I need to both charge and use EarPods.


First I want to say thanks to everybody for all the genuinely useful replies.This TidBit community is just perfect for things like this. A lot more responsive and helpful than the Apple Support community or related Reddit groups. I’m glad it exists.

Second I want to say (hitting myself on the head) - Duh! I completely forgot about the ability to have a USB-C to Lightning adapter for my existing default Apple earbuds! I don’t know what I was thinking. I thought I had to go completely wireless. That might be the easiest solution, since that’s what I do for Zoom on my MBP, but I also want something for long dog walks. I guess the default earbuds will work for that as well.

I actually have a wireless headset already that somebody gave me. A brand called SoundPeats. Is that a well known brand? Apparently it’s pretty inexpensive, like $30. I had been using it on trains going back and forth to my volunteer teaching class on Sundays. And on long international flights. But our classes have all been on Zoom since the pandemic, so I haven’t had a chance to use them. I guess I’m not much of an audiophile, because they sounded good to me. But the one time I tried to use them with a phone call it didn’t seem to work well. I think there is a time lag with wireless headsets. Is that true?

I do like having my ears completely covered rather than sticking something in them if it’s a long period of time. On the other hand, I also want something that is (1) light, (2) very portable, (3) if it’s a headset, it would be nice if collapsed flat, and (4) also worked for a really long time on one charge. I think the latter one is a show-stopper with most ear buds, including the Apple Pro ones, right? I mean, they aren’t going to last a 14 hour Tokyo-to-Boston flight, are they?

I’m looking over all the comments now. Thanks again!


Wow. That sounds really perfect. The article says it lasts 17 hours, but 14 hours is great also. When they fold do they fold flat?

How heavy are they? I wonder if they would also be good on dog walks. Maybe regular ear buds would be better for that so I’m not completely cut off from traffic sounds.

The price seems pretty reasonable too.

How long does a full charge take?

Also, how well does it work with Siri and things like that on your iPhone?

I like Wire Cutter articles, but they always leave out lots of details, like the weight of things.


Looking at Amazon here they have the Jabra Evolve 75 UC (33,000 yen), and also the Jabra Evolve 75 MS for the same price. I wonder what the difference is. They also have the less expensive non-noise-canceling Jabra Evolve 65 MS for just 18,752 yen with delivery today!

I guess I shouldn’t rush into it. The 65 looks lighter and smaller in the photo. But I need to check out all the specs. Fun. :slight_smile:

This article has some more comparison info on the Jabra headsets. They seem to say that both the 65 and 75 are noise canceling: Jabra Evolve 65 vs Jabra Evolve 75, Difference, Features, and Reviews

I suppose I can stop by Yodobashi Camera and try on the AirPods pro to see how comfortable they really are. My regular Apple earbuds that came with my iPhone X don’t bother me too much when I’m on Zoom calls.

Still… AirPods have much less battery life than headsets right? I think with the AirPods you only get like 4 hour use. Would they be practical on a long airplane flight? They might be nice for dog walks though.

One nice thing about Apple though is there is a 14 day return policy. So I can test them out.


Interesting. I had never heard of swimmer’s ear before. Actually, my left ear has felt a bit “clogged” most of the day for going on two years now. I’ve been to an ear-node-throat doctor multiple times. They don’t see anything wrong. They give me some pills which never work. Sometimes I feel a “pop” (like after your ears get stuffed on a plane) and it’s blessedly clear for a while. I wish I could solve that problem. But I digress. :slight_smile:

If I also wanted to use it to take phone calls while dog walking I suppose a quality mic would be important.

Now I find myself wavering again. The lightness of the the AirPods is attractive. The lack of battery life isn’t. How long does it take to recharge?

Can you clarify? Why would one have to throw away wireless earbuds after two years?

Why would you need the USB C to Lightning connector with a charger? Aren’t the EarPods in that case wired? Sorry, confused.