How do I get Safari 15 for MacOS 10.13.6?

Ran into a problem when I tried to log in to my online banking account and was told I needed to update. I checked their system requirements and the MINIMUM version of MacOS is 10.13.0 or higher. OK 10.13.6 is what I have on my iMac and is the last version that will run on it. However, Chase also says that I must use Safari 15 with MacOS 10.13.x but I can’t find it.

AFAIK, Safari is now built-in to MacOS and is not normally available separately so Safari 13.1.2 is the last version I can use. But since Chase seems to be able to use Safari 15 with MacOS 10.13.x, shouldn’t there also be a way for me to use it?

How do you know Chase can use Safari 15 with macOS 10.13? I think a better assumption is that Chase is clueless, and just chose the oldest version of macOS they want to support and the oldest version of Safari they want to support and never thought to consider whether those versions made sense together.

If you’re just receiving a warning, you can probably ignore it and will continue to work. “Minimum version” usually means the earliest version tested against, not that it won’t work with earlier versions. If it’s not letting you continue, or reducing functionality somehow, you could try spoofing the User Agent (check Show Develop menu in menu bar in Safari Settings > Advanced then choose a new User Agent in the Develop menu). If that doesn’t work, try a different browser. For example, the latest Chrome and will run on 10.13 and the latest Firefox on 10.12, so either Chrome or Firefox on 10.13 should satisfy Chase’s requirements.


I agree with you, but thought perhaps Chase’s IT people had found a way to get Safari 15 & High Sierra to “play nice” and was hoping it was true. I tried to get their tech support person to understand that when they declare a particular MacOS version as MINIMUM, they need to also support the last version of Safari that was part of it. Anyway, I tried the copy of Brave I have and was able to log in. On Safari 13.1.2, after I did the log-in I was only taken to Chase’s System Requirements page. Funny, I had no problem logging in a week ago, so the requirement change must have been in the last few days.

I just tried to log in to using macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) and Safari 14.1.2 and it keeps sending me to the System Requirements page. It looks like Safari 15 is the oldest version and that probably requires Catalina.

I use Brave for sites like this – but Brave now informs me that I need to update macOS to get newer versions of Brave.

That’s annoying that they’re actually enforcing it. I tried in a Mojave VM and saw the same redirection to the requirements page, but then I changed “Version/14.1.2” to “Version/15.1.2” in the User Agent and it let me try to log in. I don’t have a login so I couldn’t get any farther, but that might be an option as well.

User Agent usually does not let you specify a higher version of Safari…only older versions. See attached screen shot. Selecting Google Chrome or Firefox resulted in the same problem. But as I mentioned above, I can still use Brave for now.

Screen Shot

It’s only built-in to the latest macOS, so their are updates available to the previous two versions, but Safari 15 is only available to macOS Catalina, Big Sur and Monterey.

Then obviously the Chase IT unit is clueless to require it with High Sierra!

Thanks, I wasn’t aware you could download the current Safari version for ANY previous MacOS versions.

Just curious — what’s your reason for using Safari, as opposed to other browsers?

The latest Firefox runs on 10.12 or later so you could use that just for those troublesome sites.

You can choose Other… at the bottom of that menu and manually paste in the user agent string for a newer version of Safari. For instance, Safari 16.4.1’s string is:

Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/16.4.1 Safari/605.1.15

Well, I tried that but it didn’t work as Chase still refused me using Safari.

I used to use Firefox until after an update, it trashed my profile and would not let me create a new one. I went with Safari and have purged Firefox from my iMac - won’t use that piece of junk again.

I have both Brave & Vivaldi as back ups but prefer Safari. I’ll probably use Brave more & more.

Thanks, @jzw. That worked in Safari 14.1.2

I’ll have to do some testing to see if the pasted string is persistent.

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I still use Mojave on my iMac. There are major security issues with the Safari (v13?) that it supports - Apple chose to no longer issue security updates a few years ago. I now use the latest Firefox with that iMac (a Firefox update came through today) and websites seem happy with that.
I do avoid Firefox profiles - which I think is mainly intended to sync Firefox settings between computers.

Weird problem but I don’t think it’s typical. Firefox has been my default browser for more than a decade. Early Safari was pretty limited. Apple did finally add a sidebar option for bookmarks, which is something I absolutely want, but it’s clunky compared to the way Firefox handles it. And the way Safari handles tabs drives me nuts.

Banks are a bit better than they used to be, back when they only supported Internet Explorer, but there is probably some outdated software at work behind the scenes.

You could try Google Chrome if you hate Firefox so much. Both run the latest versions with High Sierra so unless your bank accepts only Safari for some odd reason, you should be ok with either alternative. Also with Opera, another tried and true browser.

Chrome is for users who don’t mind giving their personal data to Google so Google can monetize it.


Just trying to help.

Brave is based on Chromium, the open-source basis for Chrome. Google is not a party to Brave operations.
I once installed Chrome (this was years ago), but did not use it. Months later my Mac cpu pegged at 100 % for days until I discovered in some obscure web site that it could be caused by Google’s auto-update process. :open_mouth:
That auto-update process is tied not only to Chrome, but also to Google Earth.
I removed everything Google I could find and the problem was cured! :smiley:
Brave works well for me.

Yes, that is why I went with Brave rather than Chrome. Brave doesn’t have the malware Google puts in Chrome. I also have Vivaldi which I understand is similar to Brave; haven’t messed with it much yet. I guess I need to do some comparisons of Brave & Vivaldi.