Help me find my perfect Bluetooth mouse

So in spite of the huge selection of BT mice, I don’t seem to be able to find one that ticks all my boxes — none of which I thought would be too crazy.


  • BT, not RF or anything else that requires a dongle
  • Large (≥4" length, ≥2" width, ~1.5" height, ideally also some heft), not flat or small like Apple’s
  • Left and right button plus clickable scroll wheel (do not require more buttons than that)
  • Rechargeable via USB-C (no AA or AAA batteries) and not in a brain dead location like Apple’s
  • Regular mouse, no roller ball or trackpad or anything odd

It would be nice if the scroll wheel supported left/right tilt so you could also use it to scroll horizontally. I’d also prefer black or dark color (easier to keep looking clean).

Don’t care about DPI switches or illumination or any such shenanigans.

If anybody knows a model that ticks those boxes, I’d really appreciate a heads-up.


Here are a couple I found that came closest, but as you can see none of them really fits the bill entirely.

I was going to suggest looking over Microsoft’s various mouse models, but it appears that all their BT models use replaceable batteries (AA or AAA).

As, unfortunately, do Logitech’s. At least those that are full size.

I’m not sure about Logitech. I’ve just started clicking through all the models on their wireless/BT/cordless mice and found a few that might work.

It looks like their “MX” series of mice are BT and rechargeable. Many have funky shapes or features that you’re not interested in, but two of them look like the might meet your needs:

Unfortunately, the Anywhere has “compact” already in its top description. As I said, I’d like something larger and heavier.

It sounds like you are describing the Logitech MX Master 3S - I use this version (or the 3?) and find it excellent.

If I recall correctly, there are PC and Mac versions of the mouse. As far as I can tell, the Mac version does not come with the proprietary Logitech RF dongle and is more expensive, but functionally the two models are the same. (I bought the PC version and it works via Bluetooth.)


The Keychron M1 is an excellent mouse and meets your requirements (dimensions provided near the bottom of the page). It can be used in either wireless or wired mode when charging. It supports both Bluetooth and RF, but you can ignore the RF if you don’t want it. My son uses this mouse and it’s well built and comfortable.

Before I got my Apple Magic Mouse (which I love!) I looked for this too. It is extremely difficult to find a Bluetooth mouse with a scroll wheel that also has horizontal tilt. I eventually found a Dell model which I bought second hand, but in practice scrolling horizontally by using the scroll wheel tilt is slow and jerky, so I found it completely useless.

It appears that Apple is the only company that makes a mouse which allows smooth and quick scrolling in any direction. I find the situation baffling given how many mouse models there are out there. I can’t really operate without horizontal scrolling, so I’m lucky that I found I can use the Magic Mouse by adjusting how I grip and move the mouse. But why has no one else made something that can properly scroll horizontally? I previously used the Apple mouse with the little trackball that scrolled in any direction which also worked well.


Whoa. Those are like patently - ripped off from Logitech Master MX mice. (referencing your Amazon links).

I was going to recommend the Logi MX Master - same that Eng Aun Cheng suggests (not the Anywhere…which I use, it has some weight for its small size and I have large hands and it works fine for me).
I had a logi Master MX series but the material eventually decomposed ? on the outside where your base of thumb/inside of thumb to hand rests. It has the click wheel, and USB C on the newer, does BT and can be used while charging (can’t do that Apple Magic Mouse!).

Razr has some gaming mice but not sure if that is your need (has a tilt shift wheel but I think to program for function/key command in gaming).

I use the Logi Vertical mouse now, at work. Its fine but lacks precision I had with the MX Master

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It may use that buzzword, but the dimensions cited in its spec sheet:

are pretty close to the size you requested (greater than 4x2x1.5)

We have a winner. Thank you very much, @jzw. That one seems to come quite close indeed — if only it were a bit heavier. I found the M3 successor model on Amazon for $55.


Glad that’s helpful!

A note that the M3 isn’t technically the ‘successor’. They offer different models that have different styles and features (for instance, the M3 has a faster polling rate than the M1 but two fewer buttons).

I have also been on a journey to find the perfect mouse, and the M3 is the one that I landed on last summer (after numerous other tryouts.) Like you, I also wish it had a few more grams on it, but so far it has been solid. Very comfortable to use all day (for work and for play), and the Keychron software is easy on system resources (unlike the Corsair iCue and the like.) It also works great with Steermouse.

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Logitech used to make the UltraThin Touch mouse which had horizontal scrolling but was smaller than the average mouse. However, it has a nice feel and click to it as I still have one and is rechargeable.

Little bit late into the conversation, but…check the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S (or 3S), has everything you need and more, plus excellent quality and reliability.


This has been a problem with mice for macOS for a long time now, because I seem to remember reading about Apple giving their own mouse seemingly proprietary type access to decent scrolling functionalities or something, which no other mouse can therefore offer.

Of course, I cannot find the exact info now, so things may have changed, but given the issues mentioned in the thread, I think it likely still exists.

EDIT: Here a quick link, with users complaining about the lack of options compared to how Apple’s Magic Mouse works:

Interesting post, but that’s not been my experience. It’s a hardware issue – the third party mice have scroll wheels that don’t move smoothly, they click through discrete steps. And the side scrolling on the Dell mouse is essentially an on/off switch on each side, so there’s no way to accelerate the scrolling. There may very well be software issues as well (though I’m dubious to be honest) but so far none of the hardware I’ve tried has been good enough to even encounter them.

The Keychron mouse I linked to above actually has a pretty good scroll wheel, but no horizontal scrolling.

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Are there any mice which have a ‘freewheeling’ vertical scroll wheel, rather than the usual fixed up/down click position each time you move it?

Presumably the better ones from Logitech et al. have settings for this, perhaps?

I guess this is a matter of personal preference. I actually prefer the discrete steps.

Each tick of the wheel is presented to software as a click on buttons 4 and 5. System software determines how much to scroll for each such click. I like knowing that each click I move the wheel scrolls a document by exactly three lines.

As I mentioned earlier, the Logitech UltraThin Touch bluetooth mouse worked the same way as the Magic Mouse as it has a smooth surface and no scroll wheel. It is no longer in production. It was introduced in 2013 so that would be about 4 years after the first Magic Mouse but it has the same excellent touch scrolling as the Apple version and even the click sounds less “clicky.”

The PC version came in black. However, they were small mice but worked well.

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