Help designing a simple FileMaker database

While the chat is on FMP for now, I would like to ask he FM community here how best to get help with designing a simple database since I seem to have lost my skills since designing databases on it in the mid 90’s. I was going to ask my local FMP group, but they meet virtually since Covid and the things they talk about in their meetings are way over my head. I’ve tried the Community but get lost in there. Maybe a nice refresher course on YT, but I would love to sit down with someone for a “try this” and “aha” moment.

I did upgrade to the 64 bit version but that was a pricey stretch for me and I will use what I have until a free version comes out.

Hey @raykloss, you can head over to JoinTable and check out their programs. I believe what they call “diversitable” their program that pair volunteers with people like you. Here is a link: diversi::table – join::table

You can also try to ping me directly. I may not have all the time I may hope for those initiatives, but I like the idea of sitting down for a session with some “have you tried this?” that can lead to “aha moments”.

Thanks for the link. I signed up and appreciate the help. Will ping you if I need it. Most of the people who work in FileMaker have much more expertise than me, but in the programming community, there are always people who love teaching and I hope to find that person in diversi:table

I found Matt Petrowsky’s ISO FileMaker Magazine, on Youtube, to be very helpful when I was getting back up to speed. The best for me are the early ones. The newer ones involve stuff I don’t need. I still go back once in a while for a refresher.

In addition, there are numerous videos on Youtube about all kinds of FMP stuff.