Health App Using 32PB of space

My wife told me her phone is running out of space. I checked her phone and the Health App is using nearly 32PB of space :slight_smile:

The apps below Health do add up to 64GB which is the size of her phone, but the Health was really odd.

Did you turn off the option for it to store her entire genetic code? And just to note, while Apple’s privacy protections (encryption in transit and at rest) mean that it’s probably safe to store your entire genetic code in iCloud, you may not have enough upstream bandwidth for the initial upload, or to sync any mutations that might occur, without impacting other network apps.

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Others are seeing it too.

I wonder how many others have the issue, but won’t notice until they run out of space and go to that screen.

I like that Apple is planning ahead by including the suffix for petabytes, and I can’t wait to buy my 32PB (32,000,000 GB) iPhone!

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To answer a question that was in a post that needed to be split into a new topic, that screen is accessible from Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Health.

FWIW, Apple is listing an inaccurate storage amount for the Health app as one of the symptoms of issues that may require an unpair of the watch, erase and restore of the iPhone, and re-pair of the watch. See:

Yikes. That’s a big long nuclear fix process for a seemingly small problem.