Gratitude for TidBITS readers and supporters

On the heels of Adam’s thanks in the latest issue of TidBITS, I just wanted to start a gratitude thread here towards readers, subscribers, forum contributors, and everyone else who has been a source of morale, financial, and technical support! I love writing for TidBITS, and I’ve been contributing for almost—not quite—its entire history.

TidBITS was a critical source of information for me as a technical Mac person in the 1990s; an excellent center of community both online and at events like the Macworld Expo in the late 90s through its end; and always, always, a great place to write for (thank you Adam and Tonya, Geoff, Jeff, and Josh, for various editing over the years), and a place in which I am grateful to have readers who want to know what I can share with them.

Y’all are great! I think “here’s to another 30 years” probably understates the degree to which Adam hopes one day to potentially retire and tend to his grapes, honeybees, orchids, or stamp collecting, but there are still many years to come, and I look forward to cherishing each one of them.


Hear! Hear! I consider my subscription to TidBITS money very well spent. The articles are timely, unbiased, accurate, and just plain useful. The “Talk” forum simply has the most amazing signal-to-noise ratio I’ve ever seen in a technically-focused user forum. Here’s to a strong 2022…and many more to follow!