Geotags missing in photos since upgrading to iOS14

Can anyone please help. I’m currently away since 1 Sept and upgraded to IOS 14 on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and since then my photos are a mess. I no longer have information on where they were taken and they don’t show in places

I had hoped that first update would correct it but it hasn’t

Is there anything I can do please?

Carol Weaver

Just to be clear, are you saying that old photos that previously had location information in them have lost it, or that new photos that you’ve taken since upgrading to iOS 14 don’t have the location information?

The latter. New ones don’t have it. Old ones still fine. It’s same on husbands iPhone and my iPad mini. All updated same day


Is Settings->Privacy->Location Services met turned on for the Camera app or whatever app you are using to take pictures?

It’s possible it was turned off during the upgrade.

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Not seeing the problem. LOcation data saved. It is a preference. Make sure it is turned on.

Thank you. I can see nowhere in photos app (iPhone) where to change a location setting. So in settings I reset location and privacy and took a photo in Motorhome. Still doesn’t show it. Is there a setting I e missed that the update changed?


It should be in settings / privacy / location services. Make sure that the top setting (“Location services”) is toggled on. Then tap Camera and make sure that it is set to “While using the app” and the “precise location” toggle is turned on.

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What is Motorhome?

Checked all are. I think when I get home next week I’ll try to do a new download of the IOS14 and see if it gets sorted. If not I’ve got Apple Care.

Thank you


You know it as an RV! Only ours are smaller


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I have similar issue. Some photos have place date, but only if a Place Map is showing. It’s not longer at the top of the photo like it used to be. Miss that! Some photos have no location data at all. Maybe because the photo was taken by another and shared in a message.
Why can’t Apple leave things alone that were working fine!

I miss memories I think it was called. Get Tiday instead :unamused:

I agree I was happy as it was.