FTP client suggestions

Suggestions for an FTP client for my 2023 M2 MBP? I was using Yummy on my 2015, but it’s no longer available. Ideally I’d like to find something that would import my Yummy bookmarks. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Filezilla has served me very well for many years.

Yes, in addition to FileZilla, Cyberduck also is worth a look.


I’ve been partial to Transmit by Panic.

At $45 USD, it’s not a cheap offering. But Panic has been a commercial Mac software developer for quite a while now. I’ll pay money to reward that loyalty.


Fetch. Very simple but good.

I have had and bought many starting with Fetch and I am a confirmed Transmit user which is saving me time and money that I used to spend on buying and testing the competition. I just recently found a new feature: I can use Transmit to back up important files to a small and free BackBlaze B2 vault. There is another thread on this subject with other choices but I am now a firm believer in financially supporting great software that I depend on so it will continue to be enhanced and won’t disappear. (Yummy was one of the many that I bought. I am a recovered software addict.)

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Another recommendation for Transmit. They build good integrations, and their interface is very easy to navigate. Also, they issue regular “.” updates but I haven’t seen a major update for a while, so that $45 is a relatively small long-term investment in Panic’s future.

:+1: for Transmit. I doubt if it will import bookmarks and login passwords though.

I have Transmit but actually prefer Forklift. You can often pick it up in a bundle for a couple of bucks and it’s also very useful as a Finder alternative.

I’m a frequent user of Transmit and recommend it, but sadly, it does not support bookmarks. I’ve been in contact with Panic Support but, as expected, they make no promises about ever adding this feature. Nonetheless, it’s otherwise quite good.

I sure do miss Interarchy, by the way, such a shame the way it was acquired then left to die.


Fetch is discounted 20% if you’re a TidBITS member.


I use transmit myself.

Fetch, for many years, is it decades? Bookmarks, mirroring, multiple simultaneous up/downloads, detailed ftp/sftp controls, very consistent macOS UI. I too remember Interarchy (heck - Anarchie!) and its sad story.


I miss YummyFTP too, nimbler and in my experience, better able to persist with uploads despite dodgy speeds, than Transmit. Which I now own given Yummy’s departure.

You’ve a bunch of options, FTP being what it is.

I’ve used Transmit, Fetch, and Cyberduck.

Transmit is probably the most slick and polished. Fetch is an old favorite, one of the longest-running mac apps, but it sees little attention these days. Cyberduck seems less polished, but it’s donationware, so the price is right. (It also runs on Windows if that’s a factor.)

And BBEdit has a built-in SFTP browser, too. That’s actually what I use most for my particular use case.

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I’ve just used Fetch over the years and it continues to serve my simple needs.

This may be an aberration but on Feb 27 I wrote to Panic about an issue with Transmit. I only received their response today (March 5). If you need fast support, this might be a red flag.

I also used Interarchy when it was a going concern. But for years I’ve been using Fetch when I want a general client, and BBEdit when I want to edit text documents that reside elsewhere. I’ve never needed anything else.

I use FileZilla. Previously I used Interarchy, but it appears to have disappeared. Interarchy had a feature that is missing in FileZilla, but which I especially liked. Interarchy would automatically find my changes and add them to my web pages. With FileZilla I have to keep track of my changes and manually add them. If current FTP apps mentioned here have this Interarchy-like feature, I will appreciate knowing which one has it.

Long time happy fetch user here. I also use mountain duck to mount remote directories in finder windows.

Is there a good way to get the iOS Files app to do sftp? Once upon a time there was a work around by twiddling Pages sharing, but I haven’t gotten it to work for a few years.

You mean it can compare source and destination and sync files?

Although it’s not FTP-based, you might want to see if your web server supports use of rsync for this purpose. It’s a well written protocol designed for that purpose. But I don’t know if anybody has made a friendly GUI wrapper around it. I’ve only used it via custom scripts.