Favorite Web browser extensions

What are your favorite, go-to web browser extensions?

I don’t use very many, and like iPhone apps, I’m always on the lookout for good, useful apps/extensions that I may not have ever heard of or used.

1Password & Clip to DEVONthink are installed on all of my computers, as well as some privacy & security extensions (that I won’t mention, so as not to prevent you from listing your favorites.)


The only ones that I use (on Safari) are 1Password and the Better ad blocker/tracker blocker. I use Chrome only occasionally (mostly to work with Google account things), and on that I have 1Password and the uBlock Origin ad blocker. (I like to keep things light.)

I’m thinking of using Firefox again for some things and I will probably keep it equally light on extensions.

I cannot live without Social Fixer (for Facebook), but unfortunately, it no longer runs on Safari. So I’m now using Firefox as my main browser. Other extensions I use are; Dark Mode, Grammarly, History Search and 1Password.

After DuckDuckGo gave up on its ad-blocker plug-in, I’ve been testing Ghostery Lite, which at least retains basic blocking functionality (I wish I know what it was that prevents blocking plug-ins for Safari from being kept on-par with their Chrome and Firefox siblings.)

Also, if you use Instapaper, they finally provide an Instapaper plug-in for Safari again that I find a tad more convenient to use than using the save link snippet they offer.

Besides these two, I only use 1Password, which you already mentioned.








Honey {disabled unless I’m actively shopping for something because I don’t entirely love the fact that they look at every page I visit.}



I used to have quite a few until some OS update when many ceased working – and to be honest, I don’t miss them! So all I use now are:

  • LastPass
  • Ghostery Lite, with default settings (the only blocker I have found that doesn’t cause performance issues – but interested in other recommendations).

I miss the Evernote clipper but I’m about to kick Evernote to the curb anyway.


  • HTTPS Everywhere (EFF)
  • Privacy Badger (EFF)
  • Adblock Plus
  • LastPass
  • YesScript 2 (blocks Google’s insistent autosuggestion)


  • Ghostery
  • Disconnect
  • Blur


Super simple yet effective ad blocker. Compatible with the latest Safari version.

AdBlock Plus
HTTPS Everywhere

are in Firefox 68.2.0esr on this MacBook Air, I have more on my iMac back home.

AdBlock Plus
Privacy Badger
SSL Everywhere
Facebook Container
Multiple Tab Handler

(I sure wish that the work had been done to support Session Manager. I do miss it.)

Mercury Reader in Chrome, to render a cluttered Web page as plain text.

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Oh, nice… it’s like Safari’s Reader mode for Chrome. Been wanting something like that. Thanks!

Get it here.

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Have you tried “Just Read” or “Read Pro”? They both do the same thing that Mercury Reader does. I was hoping to find a Reader that I could use to send beautiful text to DEVONthink with, and “Just Read” comes pretty close.

It’s great to see some many different extensions that I’d never heard of. It’s really interesting to me, how many of you aren’t into ads on your webpages, and are doing everything you can to prevent them! I’m in the same boat, and paid for 1BlockerX for Safari.

When I go to get more extensions in Safari, I’m taken to the Apple Store, which shows me a very limited number of “essential” extensions. How/where are you all finding many of the “non-essential” extensions that you’ve mentioned?

Thanks for making this threat worthwhile!

Duplicate Tab
NetNewsWire RSS
Shorten URL
Stop the Madness

Thanks for the tip. I’ve been wanting something like this.

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Evernote clipper is available again in Safari.

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In Firefox: Tree Style Tab, New Tab Override, and Link Text and Location Copier make the browser truly useful for working.

Joaquin, which Browser are you using? I’m guessing Firefox or Chrome, as I don’t think that Safari supports these extensions.

I used to use Safari (and was a paying user of OmniWeb before that), but switched to Firefox when it became the only browser to allow you to have a normal title bar in the window.

Extensions I find essential:

Other extensions I find useful, but could probably live without if necessary:

Oh, and this isn’t an extension as such, but CustomCSSforFx is great for customising the browser appearance to suit your preferences. (I have most of their customisations turned off, but enable a couple to get coloured toolbar icons and a more compact two-line address bar menu.)

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