EtreCheck - PDF problems


I am having trouble opening pdfs from Safari and from Mail quicklook (I get a triangular dialogue box saying I don’t have permissions)
Also screenshots don’t always work.
I started a discussion on Apple communities and a level 9 member requested I run Entrecheck. It looks legit but I wonder if anybody has experience


EtreCheck (note spelling) is a popular and legitimate diagnostic tool.

But your problem sounds similar to this one. Any chance you’re running macOS 11.6.6?


It would be a good idea to mention what version of macOS you’re using, and on what hardware you’re using it on.

EtreCheck rather than EntreCheck:

EtreCheck has been around for well over a decade and is entirely reputable in my opinion. The software grew out of the author’s really quite heroic efforts to help users troubleshoot macOS on Apple forums over many years and has become increasingly sophisticated.

It’s a tool I recommend, and I’ve put my money where my mouth is by donating to the author.


Hey Jeff
Yes I’m running 11.6.6 and yes the problem shows the dialogue box shown in the other thread. I’m not sure about the other diagnostics. I have not upgraded the OS because I am on a trip and don;t have the backups I like to have before uograding OS. I will be home soon and if that is the problem it will be an easy solution.
Cone to think about it these problems dud start when I installed 11.6.6
thank you

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Christopher you are right.
I was wrong not to expect such complete answers. I should have come here in the first place.
I am running 11.6.6 on a mid 2019 MBP
I will upgrade and run Etrecheck
thank you again